How to stand and fold the Micro Downtown Adult Scooter

The quick kick-to-stand and quick kick-to-fold feature enables the Downtown Adult Scooter to stand alone or fold within seconds.


1. Lift the tab at the front of the deck and simply kick the folding block

Micro Downtown Adults Scooter - Kick to stand

2. The scooter will stand autonomously on the wide base of the deck.

Micro Downtown Adults Scooter standing on its deck

3. To fold, repeat step 1 and continue to pull the handlebars down until the scooter locks into folding position.

Micro Downtown Adult Scooter - Kick to fold

4. Push in the silver button located on the left side of the folding mechanism and pull the handlebars up to release scooter from folding position to standing.

Micro Downtown adult scooter - release scooter from folding position