Kids Scooter Accessories

      18 products

      18 products

      Kids Scooter Accessories - Add Style and Fun to Your Child's Scooter

      Micro has a range of fun scooting accessories to dress up or revamp your scooter. Our collection of accessories is designed to enhance the scooting experience and make it even more enjoyable for your little ones. Let's explore the fantastic options we have for you.

      Fun and Cool Accessories for Every Scooter Ride

      Our kids scooter accessories are all about fun and style. From vibrant bike bells that add a touch of personality to trendy knee and elbow pads that provide extra safety during adventurous rides, we have everything you need to make your child's scooter stand out.

      Personalise Your Child's Scooter

      Make your child's scooter unique with our range of personalised accessories. Choose from a variety of LED wheels, baskets and ribbons, allowing your child to express their creativity and make their scooter truly their own. Let their imagination soar as they design a scooter that reflects their individuality.

      Easy Installation and Compatibility

      Our scooter accessories are designed to be easily installed on any scooter model. Whether you have a Micro Scooter or any other brand, our accessories are compatible and simple to attach. You don't need to be a tech expert to add some flair to your child's scooter - it's a quick and effortless process.

      Safety First, Fun Always

      We understand that safety is a top priority for parents. That's why our scooter accessories not only bring fun but also provide added safety features. From colourful handlebar grips that ensure a secure grip to light up wheel whizzers that enhance visibility during low-light conditions, we've got you covered. Let your child ride with confidence and style.

      Enhance your child's scooter experience with our exciting range of kids scooter accessories. Shop now and let the fun begin!

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