The Mini Micro Deluxe Range

      7 products

      7 products

      Australia's Most Loved Toddler Deluxe Scooters

      Looking for the right scooter to suit your 1-5 year old? You've come to the right place! Our award winning Mini Micro Deluxe range has a scooter to suit every parents wants and toddlers needs. The Mini Micro Deluxe scooters are perfect to gain confidence and develop essential early motor skills. The 3 wheel design of our Mini Micro Deluxe range has an intuitive 'lean to steer' mechanism, which gives them stability and enables them to develop balance and coordination skills from as young as 1 year old. 

      Are you unsure on which Mini Micro Deluxe scooter is best for your toddler? Check out our toddler scooter buying guide to find the right scooter for your child.

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