Christmas on the Vic Surf Coast

 Jakey and Mia posing in Christmas costumes with their Micro Scooters


Dive into the festive spirit with Sophie, Scott, Jake and Mia from the Vic Surf Coast! This outdoorsy bunch loves surfing, scooting and hanging out with their Labradors. We caught up with mum Sophie, one of our awesome Micro Scooters Ambassador, for a chat about how her family enjoys rocking the Christmas holiday vibes! 🎄



Micro: Merry Christmas, Sophie! Want to give us a bit of an intro to your family?

Sophie: We are Scott, Soph, Jake and Mia and we’re from the Vic Surf coast. We enjoy traveling all around Australia in our caravan, surfing, scooter or bike riding together and hanging out with our two black Labradors, Chilli and Topaz.

Scott, Soph, Jake and Mia

Micro: Christmas is fast approaching! What does your family love about the holidays?

Sophie: We love the warmer weather, going out and choosing our (real) Christmas tree, decorating it, all the Christmas activities from visiting Santa to watching Christmas movies together. We enjoy the starting of school holidays and spending time together.

Micro: Any exciting Christmas plans this year?

Sophie: This year Dad will be at work as he is a fireman and he’s on shift. It’s always a little sad for the kids when these years happen! So we will get up extra early and open presents together before he has to leave. We will then spend the day with family, Grandparents, Uncles, aunts and cousins. Dad will be home again for a late dinner.

Jakey and Mia at Barwon Heads with their Micro Scooters

Micro: Do you have any traditions that make Christmas extra special for your family?

Sophie: We choose a real tree every year, put up Christmas lights, write letters and visit Santa. On Christmas eve we head down to the river and CFA Santa visits with lollies for all the kids. Such an exciting time with all the kids friends around. We also try to get to the city to see the Myer Christmas windows!

"Our little town is a holiday destination so we will scooter around town all summer as it’s an easier and faster way to get around."


Micro: Does your family enjoy getting outdoors during the Christmas season?

Sophie: Our little town is a holiday destination so we will scooter around town all summer as it’s an easier and faster way to get around. We’re excited for the Christmas carols in town with other friends and family. We will get away in the caravan, our kids love scootering around campgrounds and meeting new friends. We will also spend a lot of time down the beach!

Jakey and Mia riding their Micro Scooters at the beach

Micro: What Micro Scooters have you got?

Sophie: We have a Mini Micro Deluxe LED 3 Wheel Scooter for Mia who’s 2. She also has the Scootaseatz toy carrier on the front which she loves and a Scoot n Pull for when she gets tired on longer rides. Jake rides an aqua Micro Cruiser 2 Wheel Kids Scooter and I have a Flex+ Adult Scooter.

I love the Mini Deluxe for Mia - it’s easy for small kids to learn to use and it’s fast. She loves being able to bring her favourite dolls with us too. The Cruiser is amazing! It easily cruises over many different surfaces which is fantastic as we have a few gravel roads around us so he can easily continue to scooter. It also handles the bumpy footpaths with ease. I love my Flex+ too. I’m easily able to keep up with Jake and it’s a smooth, fast and effortless ride. It’s so fun being able to scooter with the kids. Our kids also both have a helmet they are so easy to use with the magnet no pinch clip. We also really like the easy adjust at the back. 

Micro Scooters make amazing Christmas presents. Anything that you can do as a family, being outdoors and keeping active is a big bonus. I love that Micro has something for absolutely everyone in the family! Our Dad definitely needs his own next!

Jakey and Mia posing in Christmas outfits with their Micro Scooters

Micro: What's on Jake and Mia's Christmas wishlists this year?

Sophie: They have both asked for a scooter bell. Jakes very specific apparently it needs to be gold with a #1 on it. Mia would also love a Barbie fire engine and anything Peppa Pig. Jake has also asked for Star Wars Lego and more Connetix tiles.

"Don’t let the kids get too over tired - they are already so emotional and exhausted at this time of year."


Micro: Do you have any secret holiday hacks that help make the holidays run a bit more smoothly for your family?

Sophie: Organise early and make lists. I make a tick box list in notes on my phone to help keep organised. Don’t let the kids get too over tired - they are already so emotional and exhausted at this time of year. Lots of outside time.

Micro: Any final tips or advice for other young families to help bring some extra special Christmas joy to their holidays this year?

Sophie: Find free holiday activities in your town. From Santa visits to photo opportunities and carols - there is so much fun to be found. Or simple things like watching all the Christmas movies together!

Micro: Thanks for the tips! And thanks for taking the time to tell us a bit about your gorgeous family. Where can people find you online?

Sophie: We're on Instagram at @travelwithjakey_mia