Born in Switzerland, raised in Italy - The revolutionary Microlino Electric Vehicle

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Everything you need to know about the Microlino

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The Microlino is the old BMW Isetta redesigned into a modern vehicle while still keeping its retro charm. Its simple design has all you need for inner city travel. Urban drivers the average speed is 35km/hr, travelling an average 30km and with 1.2 people in the car. The Microlino has two seats, 230km range, max speed of 90km/hr, more than you need.

Being only 2.4 meters long it can squeeze between parked cars with space. It has a handy front entrance to zip in and out of. There is no built in sound system but bluetooth speakers that can connect to any smartphone. And of course it's electric! The car can be charged easily at any conventional power sockets and be fully charged in a few hours.

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Australia Microlino Status

As much as we would love to see the Microlino here and in Australia, there currently are not the equivalent vehicle classes of L6e & L7e that have been established in Europe for which the Microlino fits into.

The Swiss team are focusing on launching this in Europe for now and therefore the creation of the required vehicle classes on this side of the world will no doubt be driven by some of the bigger brands in due course, that will open the way for Microlino to hit the roads here. Until then we admire from afar, as you do. Why not check out our adult scooter range to reduce your carbon footprint or get the kids rolling on our impressive kids scooter collection.

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Our vision

Did you know that the average car usually carries only 1.2 people and travels a mere 35 kilometers each day? It's quite surprising to realise that most cars are actually oversized for about 95% of their usage. Absurd, isn't it?

This nifty vehicle is specifically designed to perfectly suit your daily needs, whether it's your daily commute, meeting up with friends, or simply going shopping. Say goodbye to the days of driving around in a car that's too big for the task at hand. The Microlino is here to provide you with an ideal and practical solution, making your everyday journeys more efficient and enjoyable.

Eco-friendly to the max

The Microlino is an electric car with no emission or fumes. Its small size requires 40% fewer parts for construction. The lightweight design means it needs far less energy than normal electric cars.

Majority of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels meaning an electric car is only sustainable if it doesn't use too much energy. Even using the Microlino as a second car can help reduce your overall CO2 emission. It is easy to drive, gets up to speed fast and is very quiet.

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Our journey

The Microlino was conceived in 2015 by Swiss inventor Wim Ouboter and his two sons Merlin and Oliver. After countless challenges along the way, Micro has officially started the Microlino production in 2022. There is a lot of interest with more than 35,000 people already reserving a Microlino.

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Award-winning design

Micro has received numerous awards for its products including the award-winning Mini Deluxe range and its leadership, among them the Good Design Award for the Microlino. This award is presented to the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product and graphic designs produced around the world. The associated Global Design News Magazine has also named the Microlino 2.0 as the Car of the Year 2021.

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fit 3 microlinos in an average carpark
Smiles and more

The Microlino is great fun to drive. Its small construction makes the car very nimble to zip around cities. You'll never struggle to find a park, fitting 3 Microlinos in an average car park. Easily squeeze between cars and pop out the front entrance.

The Microlinos roof can be opened to enjoy the sun and keep warm in the winter with the heater. Although it look very small, inside is still spacious with two passengers sitting side by side. Its small and charming look makes it an eyecatcher and people can't help but smile when they see it.

Microlino production

To transform the Microlino prototype into a production-ready vehicle, Micro partnered with Tazzari, an Italian car manufacturer specializing in small electric vehicles. After an intensive development phase, Micro unveiled the first pre-series Microlino in January 2018. It received official approval in Europe that same year. Production began in 2022, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards a greener future.

Initially available in Europe the Microlino will then look to enter other markets soon after. In the future they hope to license manufacturers outside of Europe to in respective countries. This will provide more jobs in local areas, avoid high import duties and reduce CO2 emissions as a result of shorter transport routes.

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the ideal mix between a motorbike and a carthe ideal mix between a motorbike and a car