Micro Goodness Competition 3: We want to help you get what you want this Christmas. 


Be in to win x1 adults scooter! Enter via the links below.

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Congrats to Week Two Winner: 

We’re up to our 3rd micro scooter with 2 kids 2 x mini micro deluxe (still going strong for 3 years old) and now upgrade to micro cruiser for the big 5 year old, now mum wants to join 👌


Congrats to Week One Winner:
Nenita Fernando 

'I love a non-traditional tree,something a bit quirky and fun. So a driftwood Christmas tree with a decoration of hanging balls,stars,and flowers that gonna made from old magazines that I keep it home after read. And believe me guys, this is ridiculously easy to make and cost next to nothing,which is a price tag will feel you thankful over everytime. Just collect the driftwood from the beach or if you have those old branches of tree from your backyard,you can use them to assemble your Christmas tree. Then you can paint it what ever color you desire to your Christmas tree,but just make it natural color tree the better. Then hang those decorations and put a Christmas light on it,then job done, you will be happy and proud to your self as you help our environment sustainable.'

Micro Scooter Christmas