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planet friendly scooter exploring today protecting tomorrowplanet friendly scooter exploring today protecting tomorrow

Everything you need to know about the Micro Scooters Eco range

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Micro Mobility Systems, the pioneering Swiss Scooter company, has successfully launched its highly anticipated sustainable children's scooter line known as the Micro Deluxe Eco Toddler and Kids Scooters. The revolutionary scooters, made from recycled ocean plastic are now available to purchase in over 80 countries since their launch in January 2021.

In response to the critical issue of ocean plastic pollution, Micro Mobility Systems took a proactive approach by utilising discarded fishing nets, ropes, and equipment responsible for approximately 10 percent of the plastic waste in our oceans. By collecting this waste from landfills and recycling it, they have created a powerful environment solution in the form of the Micro Mini and Maxi Deluxe Eco Kids Scooters.

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kids scooting on the Maxi Micro Deluxe Eco scooter deep green

The Micro Eco range consists of two fantastic models: the Mini Micro Deluxe Eco scooter designed for toddlers aged 2 to 5 years, and the Maxi Micro Deluxe Eco scooter, catering to children aged 5 to 12 years. These scooters are based on the popular and award-winning Mini & Maxi Deluxe models, which have already been sold millions of times worldwide. The patented lean-to-steer mechanism of these three wheel scooters promote balance, coordination and essential early motor skills. The handlebar can easily be adjusted to grow with your child, while the non-slip silicone injected deck ensures a safe and secure right for young adventurers.

Since its launch, the Micro Eco Scooter range has been warmly welcomed by environmentally conscious parents and scooter enthusiasts alike, making a positive impact on both mobility and sustainability worldwide. With Micro Mobility Systems' commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, these scooters are set to leave a lasting impression on the way we approach children's transportation while promoting a cleaner planet for future generations.

"We recognize that the challenges facing our world are too great for any one person or organization to solve alone. To make meaningful positive change, we all need to work together. Companies like us have an even greater obligation to help. Our partnership with 1% for the Planet is another step in the right direction."

Wim Ouboter, founder of Micro

Micro Eco range planet friendly kids scootersMicro Eco range planet friendly kids scooters
from plastic waste to micro scooter processfrom plastic waste to micro scooter process

When you consider how fishing nets and scooters can come together, the process behind it becomes quite fascinating. It all begins with the maritime industry discarding nets, trawls, and other materials that are constructed from durable, high-quality plastic but are no longer viable for their intended use.

However, instead of letting these materials go to waste, we take the initiative to gather them up, recycle, and give them a new lease on life. Through this eco-conscious approach, we transform the maritime waste into recycled plastic, which serves as a vital component in the creation of our highly popular products, the Mini and Maxi Deluxe Eco Scooters. It's (almost!) as simple as steps 1, 2 and 3.

This way, we not only offer exceptional quality and performance but also contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. By turning waste into something beneficial, we take pride in promoting a circular economy, longevity and reducing the burden of plastic pollution in our oceans.

parley x micro scooters 1% for the planet
Micro x Parley

As an active participant in the 1% for the Planet initiative, Micro has made a commitment to giving back to the environment. Through this initiative, Micro donates 1% of the sales generated from the Eco Scooter product line to support non-profit organisations dedicated to environmental protection.

In alignment with this mission, Micro has chosen to contribute to Parley's Educational Programs, to provide worldwide access to ocean education, tools, and experiences, inspiring marine conservation and empowering a network of impactful leaders: Ocean Guardians.

Through the donations made possible by the sales of the Eco Scooter product line, Micro takes pride in fostering a positive impact on marine conservation worldwide. By joining forces with Parley, Micro is actively contributing to a sustainable future for our oceans and empowering individuals to become dedicated advocates for the protection of our precious marine ecosystems.

How much has Micro recycled?

Since its launch in 2021, this eco-friendly line of toddler and kid's scooters has achieved significant milestones in recycling maritime material waste. As of 2023, we are proud to announce that we have successfully recycled an impressive 902km of rope, alongside an astounding 163,800 square meters of fishing nets. To put this into perspective, these recycled materials cover an area equal to 23 soccer fields.

These accomplishments are a testament to our dedication to transforming ocean plastic waste into meaningful, innovative products that are build to last. With the Micro Eco scooter line, every adventure becomes an opportunity to create positive change for our oceans and the environment.

how much maritime waste has micro scooters recycled so far?
replaceable parts for scooters
Extending every lifecycle

A core value of Micro Scooters is to craft every scooter with durability and longevity in mind. We design and engineer our scooters to last for multiple generations of scooting adventures. One of the unique features offered by Micro is our commitment to sustainability through our replaceable scooter parts.

This innovative approach allows users to replace individual components of the scooter, instead of having to discard the entire scooter if part of it becomes worn out or damaged. This feature makes all toddler, kids and adult Micro scooters a sustainable choice, as not only does it save money for the users, but it also significantly reduces the overall waste.

Through this sustainable design approach, Micro scooters empower their riders to make eco-conscious choices while enjoying their scooting adventures. This commitment to replaceable parts illustrates Micro's dedication to creating products that are not only fun and functional but also environmentally responsible, making a positive impact on our planet, one scooter at a time.

Award-winning design

Micro Scooters takes immense pride in being recognised as a winner of the prestigious Green Good Design Sustainability Award by GOOD DESIGN® for our Mini and Maxi Deluxe Eco scooter designs. The Green Good Design Sustainability Award celebrates designs that not only excel in aesthetics and functionality but also demonstrate a profound dedication to environmental preservation.

Our Eco scooter line has been acknowledged for their eco-conscious materials, the use of recycled maritime plastic, and their replaceable parts feature, which significantly reduces waste and promotes a more sustainable approach to mobility. This recognition inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of sustainable design and encourages us to be a driving force fostering a greener future.

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