Balance Bike or Scooter?

Struggling to make the decision between a balance bike and Micro scooter for your toddler? Both have valuable benefits for their development and are great first wheels for preschoolers. They'll get a taste of independence, gain confidence and have endless amounts of fun.

There are some keys differences between balance bikes and scooters which this page will help explain to make sure you make the right choice for your toddler.

micro red balance bike for toddlers

Micro Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are great for kids aged 1 to 4 to develop their balance and coordination skills and get in early practice for a bicycle. Children who use a balance bike have a quick and smooth transition onto a grown up bike, sometimes even by-passing training wheels. The balance bike is straightforward to use, they simply sit on the seat and push along the ground with their feet. There are no pedals, chains or mechanical insides. They’re smaller, lighter and easier to use than your traditional bicycle. A balance bike is the perfect fun way to learn, get use to steering and the motion of a bike.

Pros of Balance Bikes for Toddlers

  • Simple for kids to use
  • Makes the transition to a big bike easy
  • Teaches toddlers how to turn to steer
  • Children can keep both feet planted on the ground if need be
  • The perfect first bike for preschoolers
  • kids riding on mini micro deluxe scooters

Micro Balance Bikes Key Comparisons

Our toddler balance bikes are half as light as most, making them easy for kids to manoeuvre and carry. They’re great for transporting and storage due to their lightweight and compact size. As they grow you can adjust the handle bars and seat to suit. The puncture and mark free wheels allows kids to them inside and outside. The balance bike handles exactly like a bicycle, turning to steer, making teaching them how to ride a bike that much easier. They're been designed to develop balance and coordination skills to make the transition easy peasy. The Micro Balance Bike Deluxe is one trendy little bike available in red and blue.


Preschooler on his Mini Micro Deluxe

Micro Preschool/Toddler Scooters

Micro scooters are great for kids to learn, have fun and become confident scooter riders. Kids simply stand on their scooter with one foot and push off with the other. Micro preschool scooters have a stable 3 wheel design and intuitive lean to steer style of scooting to help pick up scooting quickly and easily.

The Swiss design team has used their knowledge in child development to help preschoolers improve their balance, coordination and fine motor skills. Kids love to scoot and our preschool range have the perfect first scooters to learn until their ready to scoot off to school.

Buying your preschoolers first scooter is no small task, so its best to know what to look out for when shopping for their first scooter.

Pros of Micro Preschool Scooters

  • Stable and safe three wheel scooter design
  • Makes the transition from a three to a two wheel scooter fast and easy
  • Simple to store and transport with removable parts
  • Intuitive steering makes it quick to pick up
  • Toddlers can grow alongside their scooter

Micro Preschool Scooters Key Comparisons

The Micro scooter preschool range consists of the award winning Mini2go and Mini Micro which are both available in a new deluxe version. The Mini2go is great for toddlers to start off on a ride-on with both feet on the ground until they’re ready then simply convert to a scooter. The Mini Micro is the perfect first scooter for kids to gain confidence, have fun and scoot safely. Micro scooters have quality PU wheels which are mark-free, so they can be used indoors as well. Other than the original Mini Micro they all have adjustable handle bars allowing them grow alongside their scooter. Our preschool scooters come in a range of fun vibrant colours that kids love.