The Definitive Guide to Choosing Between 2-Wheel and 3-Wheel Scooters for Your Child

Struggling to make the decision between a two-wheel scooter and three-wheel scooter for your child? Micro has a great range of kids 2 and 3 wheel scooters to suit every child depending on their confidence and experience.

Whether they would prefer the stability of a three-wheel scooter or are ready to cruise to school on a two-wheeler or want something to use at the skate park. This will guide will help you make your decision and find the best scooter for your 5-12 year old.

For children between the ages of 1 and 5, we recommend a 3-wheel scooter which will enable them to develop balance and confidence needed before moving up to 2 wheels.

2 wheel scooter or 3 wheel scooter?

Micro 3 Wheel Scooters

If your child is still developing their confidence and stability on wheels, a 3-wheel scooter can be an excellent choice. At Micro Scooters Australia, we offer a range of 3-wheel scooters designed to promote balance and coordination while ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

  • The Mini Micro Deluxe range and Maxi Micro Deluxe scooters are self-standing scooters which are great for developing balance with good safety design.
  • Perfect choice for improving confidence and co-ordination.
  • Use lean to steer meaning you lean in the direction you want to go and the wheels will turn in that direction. This innovative lean to steer style is easy to learn and has been designed to develop co-ordination as they ride.

Micro 2 Wheel Scooters

As children grow and gain confidence, they may be ready to transition to a 2-wheel scooter. Micro Scooters Australia offers a variety of 2-wheel scooters that cater to different age groups and skill levels.

  • For those confident, the Sprite is a great first 2 wheel scooter with a lightweight and compact design.
  • Steer like a bike, turning the handles in the direction you want to go.
  • If your child hasn’t had a scooter before but has experience on a bike then a 2 wheeler with familiar steering is a great option.

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Are you looking for a scooter for your kid that is great for:

Getting to school and keeping active?
Learning Tricks and going to the skate park?
Building confidence, control and stability?

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2-Wheelers : Getting to School and Keeping Active!

micro sprite kids scooter

Micro Sprite Kids Scooter

The Micro Sprite Kids Scooter is an ideal choice for children who have developed good balance and are ready to embrace the excitement of a two-wheeled ride. With its lightweight and compact design, the Sprite is perfect for cruising to school or exploring the neighborhood. The scooter's adjustable handlebars ensure a comfortable fit, and its foldable feature makes it easy to carry and store. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced rider, the Micro Sprite is a robust and stylish option.

"Our daughter has gone from a 3 wheeler to her new 2 wheeler. She couldn't be happier! Her confidence is building on the 2 wheeler. Same high quality and foldable design is perfect for taking away in the car!"

The Best Bits:

  • Perfect if they're eager to start using two wheels
  • Best suited for 5+ years
  • Practical everyday scooter
  • Need coordination skills to balance on the deck
  • Solid aluminium deck
  • Foldable, compact and lightweight design
  • Easily carried and transported
  • Also available in Neochrome and with motion-powered LED wheels
    micro cruiser 2 wheel kids scooter

    Micro Cruiser 2 Wheel Kids Scooter

    The Micro Cruiser is a great choice for children wanting a two wheeler with a bit of difference, the adult size large wheels and retro handlebar make the cruiser one of a kind. Creating at the ultimate fast, smooth and yet controlled ride. All the features are designed to complement one another to ensure a safety. The superior build quality of Micro scooters means that is has been designed to last longer. The easy folding action makes the Micro Cruiser practical allowing it to be folded and stored away or carried easily. It’s the ultimate cruise mobile for 5-10 year old's.

    "Brilliant scooter, my 6 year old LOVES it, easy to fold & throw in the car. Seamless transition from the micro 3 wheeler to the cruiser. Extremely happy with our purchase!"

    The Best Bits:

    • Perfect for a beginner on two wheels who needs assisted control and stability.
    • For kids aged 5-10 years
    • Large 200mm wheels
    • Wide retro shaped handle bars for easy steering and extra balance
    • Safe full fender brake
    • Handy kickstand
    • Foldable

    school kids 2 wheel speed scooter

    Micro Speed 2 Wheel Scooter

    The Micro Speed 2 Wheel Scooter is a sleek, sophisticated and fast 2 wheel scooter. Perfect for kids who want that extra go-fast or adults who want a comfortable, compact commute. With a wider footplate and larger wheels, the Micro Speed is suitable for anyone age 7 and up with a real passion for scooting. This superior model is capable of moving especially fast due to the impressive Abec 5 bearings. If you're looking for style, practicality and speed then this is the scooter for you.

    "My 10yr old is extra tall and has balance issues so this was his first 2 wheel scooter. He got the hang of it really quickly and says the Micro Speed scooter is the best Christmas present he has ever received. The larger wheels and shock absorbing wheels makes for a super smooth ride and he loves it!"

    The Best Bits:

    • Best for ages 7 - Adult
    • Shock absorbing system
    • Easy folding action
    • Handy kickstand
    • Large 145mm wheels
    • Extra polyurethane for a smoother ride

    Rocket 2 wheel scooter with wide wheels

    Micro Rocket 2 Wheel Scooter

    This stylish and unique Micro Rocket scooter is great for anyone age 5 and up. The Micro Rocket scooter, which can hold a weight of up to 100kg, is highly versatile with an adjustable handlebar, perfect for teenagers and adults alike. The Rocket scooter is designed for the ultimate in stability and handling in a 2 wheel scooter, thanks to fat wheels and wider deck.

    "My newly 6 year old daughter was transitioning from a 3-wheel to a 2-wheel scooter. The wide wheels made this a breeze!"

    The Best Bits:

    • Best for ages 5 - Adults
    • Easy folding action
    • Fat wheels for extra stability
    • Wider deck and extra grip for stability and comfort
    • Safe/easy triple lock fold
    • Kickstand
    • Rear foot brake


    Speed Deluxe scooter for teens and adults

    Micro Speed+ Deluxe Scooter

    The Micro Speed+ Deluxe Scooter is designed for the ultimate positive impact on your kids scooter adventures. With wide chopper handlebars and larger 180mm wheels the Speed+ Deluxe is super comfortable providing the ultimate stability while being compact and beautifully functional. What's more, the 180mm wheels enable the rider to go further, faster with less work!

    "I couldn't be happier with this scooter. It's great for zipping around after my toddler, and light enough when I need to carry it. The colour is absolutely gorgeous. I've been having so much fun."

    The Best Bits:

      • 12 years - Adults
      • Easy control wide handlebars
      • 180mm comfort wheels
      • Beautifully compact and functional
      • Aluminium fixed deck

      Freestyle Scooters : Learning Tricks and Going to the Skate Park


      Micro ramp kids freestyle stunt scooter

      Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter

      The Ramp scooter is designed for kids attempting their first stunts and tricks at the skatepark and an ideal ride to get from A to B. It is lightweight and easy for kids to handle and control. The steel one-piece bar combined with the aluminium fixed deck are designed to absorb the impact of beginner stunts and tricks and built to last. Not to mention the Micro griptape ensures awesome friction to keep feet fastened to the deck.

      "I am amazed at how quickly my 8 year old son has mastered this scooter. He loves it! In a short time he is comfortable tackling ramps and his confidence has grown so much."

      The Best Bits:

      • Entry level stunt scooter for the skate park
      • Suitable for 5 - 12 years
      • Lightweight for easy first stunts
      • Fixed one-piece steel bar
      • High quality metal core PU wheels

        micro mx trixx stunt scooter

        Micro mX Trixx Stunt Scooter

        The mX Trixx Stunt Scooter is engineered for beginner/competent kids who spend majority of the time at the skatepark perfecting their tricks and launching their skate career. The mX Trixx is heavier, more durable, and robustly reinforced for daily tricks. Shorter one piece bars, metal core wheels, a flex brake and a tough lightweight aluminium deck mean your child will be able to get started on laying down stunts safely, with absolute confidence in their scooter.

        "Great scooter for kids learning both basic and tricks. Solid and smooth to ride. Everyone wants a turn though so be careful who you share it with."

        The Best Bits:

          • Entry level stunt scooter for the skate park
          • Suitable for 5 - 12 years
          • Short fixed handle bars
          • Strong welded scooter that's not foldable
          • Small wheels for quick bursts of speed

          3-Wheeled Scooters : Building Confidence, Control and Stability

          maxi micro deluxe pro kids scooter

          Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro Kids Scooter

          The Maxi Deluxe Pro Kids Scooter has been developed for children aged 5 to 12 for an ultra stable and controlled ride experience. The chopper handlebars and wide wheels enable kids to easily handle their scooter with confidence. The height of the handlebar is adjustable so the scooter will grow with your child. With three sturdy wide wheels and innovative ‘lean to steer’ style scooting your child’s balance and co-ordination will improve as they ride. Not to mention the chopper handlebars make it the coolest 3-wheeler for kids on the market. 

          "Our daughter had outgrown her Mini Micro at 4yo but was still not ready for a two wheel scooter, so we’ve found this the perfect upgrade. It’s sturdy and fun and allows her to try more progressive moves while still having support of the three wheels. The purple colour is cool too, very unisex"

          The Best Bits:

          • Suitable for 5 - 12 years
          • Wide handlebars for greater control
          • Wide wheels for greater balance
          • Superior stability and robust design
          • 3 wheels to aid balance and coordination
          • Lean to steer action
          • 'Cool' stable design

          Maxi Deluxe 3 wheel kids scooter with LED wheels

          Maxi Micro Deluxe LED Kids Scooter

          The Maxi Micro Deluxe LED three wheeled scooter has been ingeniously designed for children aged 5 to 12 and can now withstand a weight of up to 70kg. Whether your child has outgrown their Mini Micro Scooter or is completely new to scooting, the Maxi Micro Deluxe LED is the perfect set of bright fun LED wheels for your child. The height of the handlebar is adjustable so the scooter will grow with your child. With three sturdy wheels and innovative lean to steer style scooting your child's balance and co-ordination will improve as they ride.

          "Excellent step between the Mini Micro and a two wheeler. The maxi micro deluxe is definitely worth the money, great handling and fun to steer, my little one's confidence in scooters has sky rocketed with this purchase"

          The Best Bits:

          • Bigger and more robust version of Mini Micro
          • Suitable for ages 5 - 12 years
          • 3 wheels to aid balance and coordination
          • Motion-powered LED wheels
          • Lean to steer action
          • Good safety design
          • Superior stability
            • Adjustable handle bar

            maxi micro deluxe pro kids scooter micro cruiser 2 wheel kids scooter micro sprite 2 wheel kids scooter black micro ramp kids stunt scooter
            3 - Wheel 2 - Wheel 2-Wheel Freestyle
            5 - 12yrs 5 - 12yrs 5 - Adult 5 - 12yrs
            Wide Wheels Large Wheels Small Wheels Metal Core Wheels
            2.9kg 4.5kg 2.7kg 3.7kg
            Rider 110-152cm Rider 110-146cm Rider 110-152cm Rider Min 125cm

            Get Your Child the Perfect Scooter

            With our wide range of scooters, we are confident that you'll find the perfect fit for your child's age, confidence level, and riding style. Explore our Kids Scooter Collection to find the ideal scooter that matches your child's personality and preferences. At Micro Scooters Australia, we prioritise safety, durability, and fun in every scooter we offer. Invest in a high-quality scooter that will provide countless hours of outdoor enjoyment for your child.

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