What is your commute really costing you?

It’s surprising how the numbers add up! Let’s work through the commuting cost of getting there and back.

What is your commute really costing you

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Your Own Electric Scooter

The emicro Merlin electric scooter cost is self-explanatory; a one-time payment of $1299.95. Not to mention that the emicro Merlin has unlimited customer service, full range of replacement parts and a 2 year hardware and 1 year electromechanical warranties. Own it now and save.

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Shared Electric Scooter

Now for the cost of shared electric scooters - this one even wowed us. With the average price of a shared electric scooter at $0.30 per minute and $1 dollar unlocking fee - we've estimated a 30 minute commute one way at $19 per day. That's around 2 cheese scones and 2 coffees a day.

We've even gone a little further to calculate that on this premise it would only take 68 days or just over 13 weeks to pay off the emicro Merlin whilst commuting on a shared electric scooter. Food for thought.

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Public Transport - Train

Now let's talk public transport. ‘Commuter Costs and Potential Savings: Public transport versus car commuting in Australia’ (Wang 2013) states that ‘on average, Australia commuters spend between $1,261 - $1,958 per annum to commute to work five days a week on public transport’. These results are similarly mirrored in the average monthly train pass of $150 making the yearly cost approximately $1800.

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Your Car

Furthermore, Wang (2013) found that ‘Australian commuters travelling to work in the CBD, on average, spend between $7,432 and $14,639 annually to own and commute by car five days a week.’ Again this number is corroborated by RACQ ‘Running Car Costs’ which found that through ‘Private Ownership Costs New – 5 years 15,000km/year’ the total annual cost is $8,500.88 - $13,375.28 for the SUV car class.

We've given you a way to lessen what you pay getting to work. Jump on board today - and we haven't even mentioned the of fun commuting on the emicro Merlin.


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