How to fix a Metro Deluxe disc brake issue

The Metro Deluxe is new product, and it seems the disc brake may need some adjustment straight out of the box.


  • When spinning, the Metro Deluxe back wheel disc brake is catching in the calipers so something appears to be misaligned.
  • The scooter is always under a small amount of braking.
  • The back wheel disc brake makes a rubbing, catching noise while riding

How to fix:

Adjust the left brake pad

Due to the product assembly, if the disc brake makes sound it is usually due to the contact with the left brake pad. The left pad can be regulated by a screw reachable from the internal part of the rim.

1. Adjust the pad from the bolt on the other side of the wheel.

  • Release a little bit - one turn of the Allen key
  • So that the pad is in the proper place and can rotate without touching.
Bolt on other side of wheel

    Disc Brake Regulation - Centre the Caliper

    In case the first solution doesn’t work there is another way to regulate the brake. Regulation can be done also adjusting the caliper position. In this case it takes to loosen a bit the two screws located radially to the caliper, reposition it centering the disc and tighten the screws again.

    1. To regulate the caliper position you have to loosen 2 bolts:
    • one on the front of the caliper and
    • the other one on the opposite side
    bolts to loosen

    2. Regulate the position of the caliper and centre it on the disc brake so that when the wheel rotates it won’t make contact.

    3. Once you have it in position tighten both screws.

    centre disc pad and tighten bolts

    You may also need to adjust the front brake cable - we will have details on how to do this coming soon.