How to apply a personalised griptape

1. Peel off the plain grip tape

  • Remove griptape slowly so as not to leave sticky residue on deck (they usually come off easily new scooters)
  • Any excess sticky residue can be removed with nail polish remover or Dissolve-It & a soft cloth
  • If it doesn't come off easily, which can be the case with old scooters, use a hairdryer to warm up the griptape - this makes it much easier to remove

peel off the old griptape

2. Peel away the back layer of your new grip tape & position the new griptape by eye

position new griptape

3. Work from the middle outwards applying pressure to avoid air bubbles

  • The griptape is quite forgiving, if you make a mistake with the positioning or have air bubbles, you can carefully peel back and try again :)

position the new griptape