How to fix handlebars that won't stay straight

When your handle bars won't stay straight and you scooter won't scoot in a straight this is an alignment issue.

Alignment issues are almost always caused when the Lower Clamp becomes loose. This is the component that secures upper portion of the handlebar, to the front wheel.

Handlebars showing lower clamp

The clamp can become loose when the two bolts that run through the back of the clamp become loose from repetitive impacts.

In order to fix this, we just need to tighten the two bolts that run through the back of the clamp. This will allow the top part of the T bar to 'grip' the Lower portion that connects to the wheel, keeping your scooter aligned. We will be demonstrating how to fix this issue on our best selling kids 2 wheel scooter, the Sprite.

Difficulty: 3/5

You will need: 1x size 5mm allen key


  1. Loosen and re move the below allen screws that bolt through the Lower clamp
    Close up of lower clamp allen screws
  2. Apply Loctite to these screws - alternatively nail varnish/polish will also work
  3. Align the handle bars and front wheel and ensure the seam on the D clamp aligns with the seam on the handle stem as pictured bottom right.
  4. Place the allen screws back into position and tighten - NOTE: DO NOT tighten screws fully
  5. Ensure that you give each screw 1-2 turns and ALTERNATE between each screw, going back and forth after every few turns until both are fully tightened - this ensures that both are locked into position. These screws really can't be too tight, so don't be afraid to tighten them as far as they will go.
If this doesn't resolve the issue, then potentially the inner threads on the Lower clamp have been stripped - meaning that the screws have nothing to grip to. In this case, Let us know and we can discuss options for getting this repaired.