How to keep your New Years Resolutions

At the beginning of the New Year we make resolutions that "this is the year I'm going to keep". But most of us struggle to hold up the promise and even end up failing in the first month.

After asking people what New Years resolutions they have for 2017, I realised how much a scooter could help! A scooter? Yes a scooter :) Adding a scoot into your day will not only make you feel great but goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and makes trips so much better. Apparently only 8% of us are likely to succeed with our resolutions. But we want to change that, and think we can.

Here's how a scooter can help you succeed with these common new years resolutions:

Dad riding an adult Micro Scooter through the park

Spending more time with the kids

We all know kids love to scoot and it's a great form of active play. With your very own scooter you can spend quality time doing an activity you both enjoy. Join in the morning scoot to school and no chasing behind but keeping up.

Stay fit and healthy... even lose weight

Scooting is a great low impact form of exercise. It burns up to 300 calories an hour, more than cycling (270 cals) and double strolling on foot (149 cals). Scooting short distances throughout your day will help you get there fast and slip in a sweat-free workout. Incorporating a bit of fitness into your daily routine is the best way to make the lasting change.

Start a new hobby

Scooting is a fun way to travel and a healthy activity you can do easily at a moments notice. Finding new places to cruise and explore in your city in a whole new light. Discover cafes, shops and make stops wherever you please along the way.

Spend less and save more

Little costs here and there are what makes our piggy banks look sad. One frustrating cost we always have to pay for is fuel and parking (plus the fines you get when your running late). Leaving the car keys at home will save you money, avoid road rage and sitting in traffic.

A gym membership can be another large expense. There's nothing worse than being inside a hot stuffy gym in the middle of summer. We really should be getting outdoors and enjoying the weather while it lasts. Once you've got your scooter you can enjoy getting outside, with free workouts and travel! Now just imagine how much you can save... it's a no-brainer ;)

Live life to the fullest

Release your inner child and live a little. Scooting is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids! And if you don't think adults scooting is cool... If Hugh Jackman, Alessandra Ambrosio and Jamie Oliver do it... Trust me, it's cool.

Travel more

Although you can't scoot overseas, you can get further and explore more. What takes 20 mins to walk, takes only 6 to scoot. Get further on your lunch break and make quick trips easily.

Less time on screens

We like to tell the kids off for being glued to the TV, phones, computers and gadgets but what about us... Getting outdoors always makes us feel good afterwards so why don't we do more of it. Scooting down to the shop or to friends place lets us some fresh air, help us de-stress and provides a well deserved break. If you've been at work staring a computer screen most of the day, like me, going for a scoot is a great way to re-energise and refresh.

Be more environmentally conscious

Have you been a bit slack over the past year keeping it green? When you can, choosing to leave the cars keys behind is a great way to get back on track. Alternative forms of transport like using your scooter is great for our planet and will make you feel good about reducing your carbon foot print.

Shop adult scooters to find the right scooter to keep you on track for 2017.

Top Tips for Scooting to Fitness

Keep your scooter in the car
It's a winner - you never know when the opportunity will arise to use it - and as it folds up and becomes compact, it takes up hardly any space.

Use your scooter as much as possible instead of driving
If you are going somewhere close to home - it's much easier to hop on there and take the dog, or pick up something at the shops. Its fab for “me time” as sometimes you just want to do your own thing, so you can hop on and go for a ride around the block.

Think outdoors
If the weather has been great spend every opportunity possible outside - make sure to try and go to places that are bike and scooter friendly so you can make the most of being outside.

3 Best Things about having your own scooter

It's easy.

My scooter makes it a lot easier to want to go out and enjoy the outdoors and do some exercising, because I am not having to hunch over a kids scooter which is 5 sizes too small for me.

It’s so much fun.

We all take turns on it, even hubby (who likes to think it’s his) - will spend ages at the scooter park, or the reserve. I think the kids enjoy that we can take part in things that they are passionate about, and because it folds up so easily, it can be kept in the boot at all times and is readily available.

It's got us motivated.

​It’s definitely motivated us as a family to be outdoors more, we have seen so much in the last couple of weeks, and it’s only getting better. You don’t realize how "wheel" friendly so much of Auckland is, and I find myself looking most days for new places to go on the weekends.

What Adults love about their Micro Classic Adult Scooter:

Decent size wheels
They make for a super smooth ride and just keep you going with very little effort

The little kick stand
So handy for parking off to the side when we are out and about (I dislike leaving it on the floor - its way to cool to be one of those floor scooters!!!)

Adjustable handle bars
So easy to quickly adjust the height, and also the ability to quickly fold it down to put in the car.

The generous foot plate
Makes it easy for 2 of us (well me and one of the kids) to ride together

If you have any awesome gems of advice for health and wellbeing simply tag @micro_scooters in your snap and ride our NY wave!