Healthy Easter Tips

Healthy Easter Tips

Healthy Easter Tips

4 Ways To Scoot to an (almost) Healthy Easter

We've come up with a few ways to help offset the inevitable Easter chocolate indulgence:

1. Pre-hunt bunny spotting

Before the hunt, tell the kids you're sure you saw the Easter Bunny in the park or where you want them scoot to - tell them he was pretty fast so they'll need their scooters. Take them out on a little mission to find him, ending up back at the house again where - oh my gosh - he's hidden the Easter Eggs :)

2. Make your Easter Egg Hunt a Scooting Hunt

Hide the eggs well, and use clues that keep the kids scooting from one end of the garden to the other.

3. Make a Progressive Easter hunt party

We love this idea....Enlist 3 or 4 friends that live within scooting distance to help make a progressive Easter Egg Hunt party. Have eggs hidden at each house, and get the kids to scoot to between houses ending up at yours for an awesome and easy Easter lunch. Get everyone to bring a dish!

4. Scoot off that chocolate

After the indulgence keep the day car free and go to the park for a scooter marathon or a big game of scooter tag. Get a scooter for yourself and make the kids' day by scooting the whole thing with them. Not only will they love you for it but you'll also be able to give yourself parenting brownie points for being a healthy role model. Scooting burns more calories than walking or cycling, 300 per hour in fact, and is an excellent lower body workout so it's big wins all round.

Other ways to keep Easter healthy "issssh"

  1. Start the day right
    We know every child wants chocolate for breakfast but a filling up with a healthy breakfast will help you and them over induldging later :) Try make delicious bunny shapped pancakes and fruit salad instead. Plus the longer you wait, the more chores you can get them to do first!
  2. Get active
    It's a long weekend so no better time to plan fun activities with friends and family. Take a new walking trail, play some backyard cricket, head to the beach (if it's not too cold) or just get out of the house and explore somewhere new.
  3. Get creative
    There are so many fun easter crafts to do! Egg painting, pupets, colouring in, baking... Check out our pinterest board for inspiration :)
  4. Try something other cholocate
    Rather than over loading on Easter eggs that should last a few months into a few days, try give them other small gifts. Heading into winter its a great time for a new set of pjs, a dvd, slippers or a book. Or maybe something more active... like a scooter!? ;)
  5. Choose Quality over Quantity
    Rather than buying in bulk of the cheap chocolate, spend the same amount on something a bit nicer. Even choosing dark chocolate over milk is that bit more healthy.
  6. Small over large eggs
    Rather than purchasing the biggest egg on the shelf, go for more smaller eggs. The kids will love more little ones, especially if you've planned an easter hunt!

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