10 Best Tips for a Healthy Summer

With this year speeding by - we've asked our wonderful Micro Ambassadors for their tips in achieving a healthy summer.

The most important thing for us is that these tips and tricks can fit easily into the the day to day routine - especially with kids! Have a read of the below and start today!

Micro Scooter Ambassadors on a family scooting adventure

1. Love your activities.

Have fun and choose activities you enjoy. If you love it, you’re more likely to keep it up. Try scooting as a family to the beach, a pretty place for a picnic or even to the local shops for a milk shake.

2. Plan well.

Prepare your meals. You're more likely to eat healthy and nutritious meals if you plan your week out and only shop for foods on your shopping list. Enjoy eating fresh salads, fruits, having BBQ’s, homemade icy poles & juices in summer.

3. Stay out with the sun.

Take advantage of the long summer evenings and unwind by taking the dog for a walk or a scoot.

Micro Dads loving their Micro Scooters

4. Remember to sleep!

Get plenty of sleep so you can get up early and enjoy the beautiful long summer days. Turn your TV and phoned off an hour before bed and listen to music instead.

5. Road trips.

Make the most of the great weather and go on a road trip somewhere new. Take the scooters to discover new places as they fit in the car easily!

6. Water, water & water.

Drink more water. It's easier said than done but water will keep your body in tip top shape. A trick is to try to have a glass of water every hour on the hour - the first thing is just remembering!

7. Smoothies.

Go for (home-made) smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies on a hot summer day. It's as easy as just putting everything into a blender. Great way to get your fruit and veges in (especially if you have fussy little ones).

Enjoying the summer sun on a Micro Scooter with an ice cream.

8. Dance.

Dancing! Dance your way through summer, it's a great to get those body moving.

9. Go outside.

Do everything you can outside. There is nothing is quite as calming as just being outdoors and soaking up the Vitamin D. Even if it's reading a book, going for a scoot or walks along the beach, having dinner or finishing off of the homework - if it's sunny go outside.

10. Scoot to School.

Don' forget to scoot the school run there and back! It's so easy to do and an awesome way to exercise with the kids without even realizing that you are.

Blake loving his Mini Micro Deluxe

A big thank you to our Ambassadors for these gems!

Be sure to check their Instagram for more summer fun ideas!

Micro Scooter Ambassador Tegan


Micro Ambassador tanfam


Micro Ambassador @thecultureofgrace