Four Daughters and One Mini Micro

We just had a lovely visit from Pippa and her Mum at Micro HQ. Pippa is the youngest of four girls and a bit of a speed demon, hence the devil tail she chose this morning to accessorise her outfit, which she also chose herself (the girl has an innate sense of style and we love it).

Popular Mini Micro Classic

As Pippa zipped around HQ test driving a pink Mini Micro, part of our preschooler collection, her Mum told us their story.

Four daughters in 6 years - quite an achievement in anyone's book - and the Mini Micro they bought for their very first daughter has been used and loved every single day by each one of the girls, Pippa included.

In fact Pippa hopped on the scooter and took off at only 16 months and hasn't looked back! In that 6 years their Mini Micro has had two new brakes, and finally now after six years of daily use they have put on a new back wheel.

As Pippa's mum says, that is incredible value for money. When each Girl turns five they get to choose a Micro Sprite, which is then their scooter for life. Considering all Micro Scooter parts are replaceable this is entirely possible!

This little story is what Micro is all about; creating a quality product that solves a problem and is loved by children and parents alike for the fun and the value.

Pippa on her pink Mini Micro preschool scooter