Best Mum Advice: How to get Kids to Wear a Helmet  

We all know the importance of getting children to wear bicycle and scooters helmets, and we all know that it is easier said than done too.

We’ve compiled advice from over 300 Mama’s and even better we’ve made a pie graph illustrating what really does work. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

How to get your child to wear a helmet

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  1. Loves it
  2. Encourage
  3. Scare
  4. Bribe
  5. Ultimatum
  6. Consistency

Loves it - 7.6%

Decoration Station ✨🤩💅🏽

  • My 2 year old daughter loves animals so I have pasted animals sticker on her helmet, and I tell her she needs to ride with them whenever she uses her scooter 😂😄💕
  • By making it one they like
  • I really need a helmet for my son, I get him to decorate his hats and explain that he can’t do something unless he has his hat on, so if he wants to ride his scooter he has to wear his helmet
  • We put stickers on the helmet and bought one with a sweet pattern, she likes it
We’ve got our kids' personalized name and Batman decals on their helmets so they’re extra special. They’ve never refused them so far but if they did, no helmet, no ride.
  • Let him put his favourite character stickers on it himself and he loves that he has decorated it to his liking!

Colour Combo 🍏🥑✅🌊🌠💙🍒🍁🌹

  • Easy... make sure it’s the colour of their favourite the wiggles 😂👍 for Esmée that means a yellow scooter and a purple helmet 💛💜
  • I let her choose the colour she wanted If it's an exciting colour or matching to the scooter, always a winner ;)
  • Make it fun! Our kids first helmets were in their favourite colours, all wrapped up as a very special present for them to open. There were lots of “WOW’s” and everyone had a turn to try them on. They’re kept in the bedrooms so they often stroll out with them on, and tell us they’re ready to go scootin’ ✌🏼#microscooter
  • The importance of helmets are something we’ve ingrained in our Bug since day 1. Of course, three teenagers often have ideas of their own! 😅 That’s why a fun and colourful helmet is important in making the process more appealing. It’s hard to say no when you’re putting your favourite colour on your head! We just finished upgrading a second hand Mini Micro. It would make our day to get a new helmet to match! 🤞

Get Choosy 👀👈🏽🥰💎

  • She chose her own pink micro helmet. The trick now is getting my daughter to take it off 😆
  • I'm convinced that if my kids gets to choose the colour and designs, it's 100% a proud moment for them to wear it whenever they ride on their scooter. 🛴 🛴🛴🤩🤩
We let our kids choose their first helmets to help their ‘buy in’. So we don’t get the ‘I don’t like it’ excuse & they know no helmet, no scooter/bike 🤪
  • By making sure they choose one that’s cool and they love to wear micro ones are super comfy and a great coverage no helmet =no riding 😃🤞🏼
  • My kids just love them so it's really not a problem! Definitely a funky looking one helps ;)
  • My two year old loves the rockets on his helmet and thinks they are there to protect him!
  • We make sure they wear a helmet by getting them to choose one they really like. It helps that they're not allowed to scoot to school without one, too 😁

Encourage - 9.9%

Make it Clip... On 🙌💖🛴💨

  • To make sure all the straps are nice and tight! And that they are wearing the correct size helmet for their age. 🙂
  • I generally chase my 2 year old and try to clip his helmet on while he is still running🤦🏼‍♀️ My older two know the deal though😅

Flattery will get you Everywhere 🤗👑

  • Positive reinforcement. They get to ride if they wear it and receive a reward after as well.
  • We tell him them only the coolest kids wear helmets ✌👍
  • For us it’s “look how cool you look in that helmet”... works for us!
  • I saw a quote aaaages ago that I thought was cool. Always happy to smash it out whilst clipping my 7 yr olds scooter helmet on her head 🤗. 'Rule the road, but first wear the crown' she loves it 😉😂😎👸

Keep em' Close 📏🚲🛴🏎

  • We hang it in the handle of the bike & now it’s just part of the routine.
  • We have just always put a helmet on from the start before getting on a scooter or bike. So it’s natural for our kids to put them in no questions asked. My daughter tells the ‘big kids’ off when we scoot to school because they don’t have helmets on, she is 5!
We tie the helmets to their bike seats, or scooter handles. So they can't forget to put them on :) ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
  • Always store the helmet and scooter together
  • Helmet is clipped to her bike, so we’re all constantly reminded 🚲 🛴😊
  • I always make sure the helmet is readily available.
  • I always prepare to put it together in one place.. and no helmet, no riding on the scooter.
  • I keep my daughters helmet in my boot with her scooter so that it is always with us when we go to the park 😊 if she doesn't wear it she doesn't get to ride
  • Put them on the handlebars so they don’t forget 💕💕
  • We always leave our kid’s helmets in eyesight and easy arms reach for the kids so between us all they will never be forgotten about! 👌🏼
  • We keep the helmet right next to the bike and scooter and it’s become a habit that it goes on before my son rides. We talked about why it is important, and he is proud to put it on and take it off by himself.

The Race Car Driver Story 🏍🏎🏎💨

Big racecar fans in our house. Both my girls have been told that if they want to be as cool as Lewis Hamilton they need to wear a helmet to protect their head like he does. Works every time! 🏎🏎
  • We have a 2yr old pretty obsessed with car racing & motorbike racing. And have drummed it into him (always pointing out how they are playing safe by wearing helmets)🏍🏍 so much so he now points it out to us! Even when walking past building sites. When we go bike riding with the trailer, our 2yr runs around the house getting the checklist items: gloves, helmet & sunglasses for us all. 😎

Align to other Wheels 🚲🛴🏍🚖

  • It's just like putting a seat belt on in our house... bike / scooter = helmet
Just like riding in a car, always buckle up first. My son loves riding his scooter. He would love a new scooter helmet.🚖Just like in the car, we need to belt up, so we helmet up on the scoot as we call it!! ❤️
  • We make sure we do a safety check before we get onto our wheeled play things. When we get into a vehicle, 🚛🚖 it is an automatic reaction to put a seatbelt on. Along with teaching our kids this, we also have a helmet policy with scooters, bikes and skateboards. Its an automatic action and habit with no thought involved. Often when cruising around caravan 🛴🛴 parks, our kids are the only ones wearing helmets. #parentingwin

Everything is a competition ⚡😉🥇

  • I make it a game to see who can race and put their helmet on first

Blast off 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • All helmets on... ready for take off! 🛴

Scare - 4.1%

Horror Stories 🕷👻☠

I remind them of the time the littlest one crashed into the brick planter box 😬
  • To remind them everyday that bad accidents happen if no helmet, as it happened to my Brother, he slipped his head opened riding on a bike with no helmet
  • Mine saw someone come off a bike without a helmet on and have blood pouring out of their head.

Explain the Potench Pain 🚔🚑😶

  • Always say safety first no helmet is not allowed to ride and you have to protect your head. And they run to put it on
  • Educating them about how important the brain is and why we must wear helmets to minimise injury when participating in these kinds of activities.
  • Explain what can happen to them if they don’t! 😶
  • I explain to them how the helmet is keeping their heads safe in case they crash so they must wear a helmet or they can’t ride their scooters 🛴
  • I tell them how precious their noggin is - You have to use your brain to keep your brain safe - telling a child NO only makes them want it more even if they do need to learn so I try talk to them and teach them
  • We are honest and tell them how precious their brain is and how if injured it would be a long road to recovery. Our youngest is 9 years old
Explain the consequences (with pictures!)
  • Explain the importance of safety, they can only ride with it on ❣️
  • Explained to both kids the importance of helmets for protecting heads, plus I always wear my helmet. They've never not worn their helmet. Now the baby is the proud owner of her own helmet too!
  • I will tell my daughter that Mum can't be with her every time to protect so to save her and get little bit free time for myself I need her to wear a helmet before riding scooter.
  • My little girl loves wearing helmets, she understands the importance of wearing them. She’s 3 and it amazes me how she is with a helmet because she literally bounces off the walls with no fear of anything and no understanding of safety 😅
  • Educating them about how important the brain is and why we must wear helmets to minimise injury when participating in these kinds of activities.

Educate - 11.5%

They can be a Hero, Baby 🦸🏽‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️🦹🏽‍♀️🦹🏽‍♂️

  • We say if you want to be like Iron Man and Captain America, you have to wear one. Heroes really do wear helmets 😉
  • I have told my children that only superheroes wear helmets and if they want to be one they have to!!

Egg-cellent Stories 🥚🍳🥚🍳🥚🍳

  • Get them to join in on putting it on and discuss that it’s for safety and how our heads are a bit like an egg and we don’t want them to get cracked, open up and go splat. Make it a bit of fun and it’s not such a chore :)
  • He thinks he has eggs inside his head that will spill out...I try to tell him about brains etc but he prefers the egg story someone told him 😂 so I don’t need to do much other than remind him! 🥚🧠😂
We have an egg policy, if you don’t want to crack like an egg a helmet is a must! (When I say don’t want it - it’s not optional 😂)
  • I’m so lucky, both my boys know to always wear a helmet. I tell them that their head is like an egg, and you can’t fix a broken egg

Big Sis & Big Bro 👼🏽🥰👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍❤️‍👩

  • I have 3 active boys and I make sure my oldest boy puts his helmet on first and then his younger brothers want to copy their big brother because he’s cool to them with his super cool helmet. But their helmets are looking very worn and getting too small.
I have 3 little girls that looove to scoot - if our eldest wears a helmet then the other 2 want to copy- they look up to their big sis and want to be exactly like her! So we make sure we talk about head safety and if there’s no helmet there’s no scooter!
  • My sister just bought her 18month old daughter Sarah a micro mini scooter like her big brothers but no helmet yet. I’m sure her brothers will teach Sarah the rules about wearing a helmet.
  • We ask him to be a good role model for his little sister, who he adores 🥰, so there’s generally no fuss around wearing it.

Presentation - Play or Picture 😁👈🏽👀

  • I did a fun interactive presentation about why we need to wear helmets. I used a lot of pictures and some pictures people would consider a little scary with lots of blood from this guy's head and my three year old understood it and has never questioned wearing a helmet since.
  • I have shown my boys a YouTube clip on riding safely... no helmet, no ride... that's our motto.
We acted out a scene where their Dad didn't wear a helmet and had a small accident and sore head. We talked out the importance of helmets and made a big deal about Dad being silly for not wearing one. Worked a treat. The kids not only wear their helmets, now they always remind Dad to wear his!
  • We showed our daughter pictures of people wearing helmets. We won’t scooter without one. Perfect for miss 3 who rides her micromini multiple times a day and is about to outgrow her helmet.

Sing it 🎶 🎵 🎶

  • In this household we have silly songs for wearing seat belts, washing hands, brushing teeth and going to sleep routines. I am guessing we can easily modify and create a new song for wearing a helmet before scooting, probably along the lines of “Click Click Click, Click Click Click, Helmet all the way, oh what fun it is to scoot with my helmet on my head eh!”. 🎶 🎵 🎶
We have a song that we made up: Before we go out to play, We have to be safe in every way, Helmets go on, So nothing goes wrong...Works for us 🤗

    Do as I do

    • l go skating with my granddaughter and she loves Elsa so a Elsa helmet is just the thing to get her to wear as it's one of her favourite characters 💛👍🌸💛👍🌸
    • By leading by example 😁
    • By setting the best example and popping mine on too
    • By wearing my own ⛑ when I’m scootering with them. We have 3 preschool boys and to be honest we’re more likely to have a struggle with taking the helmet off rather than putting it on 🤣. Cool kids wear (Micro) lids!
    • Get them to have fun putting our (adults) helmets on our heads too and always let them add cool stickers to theirs 😍😝👌
    • I always make sure my son wears his as he's not allowed on it otherwise. He needs a bigger size now that he's getting bigger. Slow down, children stop growing so fast.
    • I always make sure that me and my hubby both wear ours to show him that it's important and we all do it. It's been a rule from the day he got on any of his bikes and scooters etc so he doesn't know any different 😍👍
    • I lead by example. I always make sure mine is on when we hit the pavement. Never been questioned or challenged by the kids. They just think it’s the done thing. Happy dayz ☺️
    • I put my helmet on and it’s a habit in our house
    • I wear it so it's 2nd nature for my kids just by leading by example and wearing a helmet too!
    • Making sure adults wear one to set the expectation and make sure the helmet is cool!! My kids and I go for bike rides / on their scooters around the block everyday and this summer they will start riding them to school when it starts to get warmer 😊 . The number 1 rule I have is never EVER get on a bike or scooter without doing up their helmets first!
    • Ours LOVE wearing their helmets but little sister doesn't have one and is super keen on getting one "me too me too!". Would love to win this for her ❤
    • Show and teach them at an early age. Lead by example is a good way then kids will follow, that's my motto.
    • The best way is through leading by example and wearing a helmet as an accompanying adult too (our heads are also vulnerable!).
    • WE started wearing helmets on the sit on a scooter so it was just a natural progression. If they questioned it we just said "we always wear a helmet. "
    • We wear ours, they wear theirs - it's a good habit :)
    • We wear ours... lead by example and they never question it 👌
    • What better way to show them how to do it -- than to do it ourselves as well :) We scooter and wear helmets as a family, as leading by example is the best way to make them learn and understand the importance of it. :)
    When we're headed out to scoot or ride our bikes I call out "Helmet on!". I always wear mine, too, because I want my daughter to see that those are the rules that even adults need to follow to keep safe when we're on wheels. We started her young, and she knows she can't ride until she's got her helmet on, even if her friends aren't wearing one.
    • Being an example. We have never had an issue with our two wee ones to wear their helmets. 👍❤️
    • I always make sure I wear my helmet as well. They've never been given the option of going without
    • Luckily my girls love wearing helmets. :) We go on bike rides and scooter parks together.. they see us (parents/adults) wear helmets so they don't even question why they need to wear one. 😉 We showed what kind of accidents can happen if they don't wear a helmet.
    • Gotta protect your brains!😉
    • I make sure that I'm wearing my helmet too, as children see and children then do.

    Bribe - 1.6%

    It's all in the Micro Helmet 😁😁😁

    • Never had an issue... just get a great looking helmet 😃😃 like one from micro scooters
    • It is just a habit now. Now the pair go together.. A funky cool helmet does help though!

    We Talkin' Treats 🍧🍨🍩🍫🍭

    I bribe mine! No treats at the park if there is no helmet 😂
    • Sunday afternoons walking around the park are such fun family time for us. We recently bought the micro lazy luggage and travelled to NZ with it. My 3 year old loved riding on it and it was super convenient and so durable. I literally bribe my daughter with treats to get her helmet on in our case a kinder surprise egg. Works every time 😊

    Where Safety Meets Style 💄😎🦮💞

    I negotiate a “helmet-friendly” hairstyle that works! Usually braids, or half up/half down 🤗


      Golden Rule: No Helmet No Scoot 🚫

      • The rule is no helmet no ride!🚫🚲🛴 But to make it fun I make it fashionable, either with helmets in snazzy designs or decorative with stickers of favourite characters at the time. 🌟🌟
      • ‘Helmet On’ has been a rule of ours from day one. Master 3 moonlights as the helmet police. Rather embarrassing as he points out (loudly) people who don’t have them on 1. Already followed ✅2. We tell him he can’t scoot without it- “you need it to protect your good brain.” ✅
      • Always say no helmet, no riding. My girl is very good at wearing her helmet 😍 Easy - no helmet no riding
      Easy! No helmet, no wheels, every time, no exceptions. The boys are now 10, 7 and 7 and it’s automatic. But, their helmets have taken quite a few bumps!
      • Helmets and shoes are a must in this house for anyone on a scooter or bike. Helmet first before hands on scooter, I would love to win a helmet for my daughter as hers is way too small for her.
      • Helmet or you don't get to go out even applies to the teenagers roller skating though she may roll her eyes at me 🤣
      • I am really strict on - no helmet, no wheels Ya can’t replace your head 💗💗
      • I say, if you don't wear your helmet you don't ride. Your choice!!
      • I've got 3 daughters aged 5 , 2 and 1. No helmet no ride is our rule! All 3 are scooter crazy ( my eldest has a micro scooter and my 2yr old is getting a purple micro for her bday on Thursday) and we only have 2 helmets at the mo so a third would be awesome !
      • It’s non negotiable in our house! No helmet, no ride, simple!
      • My boys know “no helmet, no ride”
      • My boys know if they ain't got there helmet on they not allowed their scooter or bike
      • My boys know if they don't wear a helmet they cannot ride their scooters and they know they are safer wearing them they have been told since they were little about wearing helmets.
      • My boys know that NO helmet means no skate park! They always keep their helmets on the scooter handlebars when not in use. And wouldn’t risk missing out on a visit to the local skate bowl.
      • My kiddies know the rules. No helmet = no wheels! We like to decorate and personalise our helmets with fun stickers 🚴🚴‍♀️🛴
      • My son is not allowed on his scooter or bike without a helmet. He was padded up everywhere when we 1st got his balance bike because his father insisted. Helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads and wrist guards. 😂 we just stick with the helmet now. My son wasn't allowed to ride his new bike outside until he wore his helmet. He held out for 27 days until he finally brought his helmet to me and said "Helmet on mummy." Never had a problem since!
      • No ‘hat’ (helmet) no play! This has been enforced since my little one started as a passenger on Dad’s bike and has continued. Mum and dad also lead by example!
      • No hat = no outdoor play No helmet = no scooter 😀
      • No hat no play 🚲 🛴 ⛑
      • No hat, no play!! No hat, no play.
      • No helmet, no scooter! Easy No helmet - no riding 👍
      • No helmet - no riding at our house. Always the first thing to go on and no arguments as it has always been the way.
      • No helmet -no scooter/bike- I also started this when they have plastic rideon's so it's always normal to have a helmet on
      • No helmet = no scooter or bike. Daughters birthday is coming up in a few weeks she needs a new helmet
      • No helmet = no scooting to school to show your friends your scooter skills!
      • No helmet = no scooting!
      • No helmet = no wheels 🛴 😁
      • No helmet ⛑ no scooters!
      • No helmet means no riding.
      • NO HELMET NO BIKE simple 🤷‍♀️ gotta protect your head in case you fall off!!
      No helmet no fortnight lol
      • No helmet no play No helmet, no play and lead by example. It's never really been an issue as she's worn one from the start.
      • No helmet no play! Our little girl has gotten used to the rule and knows to grab her helmet before a scoot!
      • No helmet, no ramps at the skatepark, works every time. #loveyourscooters
      • No helmet no ride and also we show him how the other kids all wear their helmets too ⭐️🙌
      • No helmet no ride in our household 👌
      • No helmet no ride, it’s firm but fair no helmet no ride, you head is like a egg it and be hurt easy
      • No helmet, no ride.
      • NO HELMET NO RIDE...lead by example and reinforced as soon as their old enough to ride. Safety first....
      • No helmet No ride.
      • Safety first then loads of fun 😊
      • No helmet, no riding scooter or bikes. That’s the rules here 👍🏻
      • No helmet, no riding. Hard and fast rule.
      • 🛴 No helmet, no scooter so I always make sure my little girl puts helmet on first! Would love a new helmet for her.
      • No helmet, no scooter! No helmet, no scooter. That has been the rule from the day no helmet no scootering until it’s put on and left on.
      • no helmet no scootering! No helmet, no scooter. Takes a bit of reinforcement but if you stick to it makes it easy down the track.
      • No helmet then no scooting because if you fall the helmet will protect your head.
      • No helmet, no fun! Kids live for fun and mine know it’s safety first, then fun 🙌🏼
      • No helmet, no ride and this is our number one rule before going out!
      • No Helmet, no ride!!
      • No helmet, no ride. But helmet is always on handlebars ready to go
      • No helmet, no ride. Mummy is an intensive care nurse also, so I tell them little stories about kids who have fallen from their scooter and have hurt their head and had to be in hospital 😬😂 and always leading by example!
      • No helmet, no ride❣️ No helmet, no riding 🙅🏻‍♀️ Would love to win a new helmet for my daughter 💗
      • No helmet, no riding! As simple as that as we have concrete & they could hurt themselves if they feel off.
      • No helmet, no riding! They know the importance a helmet is needed if they fall 🛴
      • No helmet, no scooter 🛴 🤷🏽‍♀️ No helmet, no scooter, simple.
      • No helmet, no scooter. And make sure when clipping it on that we NEVER pinch under their chins!!!
      • No helmet, then it's no ride or scooting to his friends' house.
      • No helmet, no bike/scooter! He understands that it is very important to always keep safe.☺💕
      • No helmet. No ride! No helmet.. No scoot 🖤
      • No scooter 🛴 🙅🏻‍♀️ the rule ever since they started riding!
      • No helmet=no wheels... and Ain't none that wants that. 🚲🛴🛹
      • No lid no riding kid!! 🛴 No lids no skids! It’s been a rule since day one for our wee guy
      • No problem there they love to wear helmets and follow what we do as parents.
      • No riding if no helmet. He loves his helmet anyway so no issues.
      • No scooter, no ride, ALSO let the older kids set examples
      • No scootering or biking without a helmet, no discussion needed 😁😁
      • No scootering/biking if they don’t have it on. 🤞🏼😍
      • "No helmet, no scooter/bike riding" in our house. He's far too precious to lose
      Our boy is a little dare devil. We make sure he is always wearing one when biking or scooting! Sometimes I feel he should wear it all day every day 🤣
      • Our girls see helmets as being cool so no issues with getting them to wear them. Our eldest has just got a scooter and we need to upgrade her helmet so this would be amazing 🛴🚲👏💗
      • Our kids know that they have to wear their helmet otherwise no scootering, though they are outgrowing their helmets so this competition is timely! 🙂
      • Our Mr. 3 knows it’s the law (no helmet on a bike grabs a fine) and that the police are happy when you wear it and unhappy when people don’t! He’s pretty obsessed with emergency vehicles. Currently earning stars to get a scooter (his choice) if he doesn’t visit us in the early hours of the morning so this would be perfect! 🙏
      • Pure and simply, no helmet, no riding. Once they get their head around that helmet goes on every time.
      • Same as everyone else in our house, no helmet then they aren't allowed to ride, occasionally they try to sneak past us but they know they lose their scooters!
      • Scooters and bikes are up higher then they can reach, that’s the rules no helmet you walk< She only knows of bike riding and scooter riding with a helmet! I help put it on her every time
      • Simple - no helmet, no riding! Even on the driveway (we are down a right of way). This was instilled on me as a child and your head needs protection 👌😊
      • Simple for us - from small the role is no helmet, no wheels and we are pretty strict about it.
      • The kids are well aware of our rule... no helmet, no ride!! They have cool helmets so they love wearing them👌👍
      • The kids aren’t allowed out of the house without a helmet if on their scooters etc! 🛴🛴🛴 The kids don't wear a helmet they don't get to ride.
      • The rule in our house is no helmet no scooter. They love scooters so it’s no problem getting a helmet on their heads. They don't have a choice, teach them young. They don’t bike or scooter without one, the learnt pretty fast lol.
      • They don't ride if that don't wear a helmet it's that simple. This would be amazing to win!
      • Our household has a rule: no helmet, no scooter ride! ough love...
      • No helmet....No scooter We always tell our daughter that if she wants to ride her scooter she needs to wear a helmet no matter how long or short the ride is, inside or outside We always use a helmet and thank goodness we do because my little 2 year old broke his collarbone on good friday from falling off his balance bike!! 😭 we are lucky for his helmet saving his head from any injuries 🙏🏼😢
      • We are really strict on - no helmet, no wheels. Wear your helmet or we don’t go for a ride - the helmet goes on every time!!!
      • Flat rule, no helmet, no ride!! I just tell my kids that if they don't wear a helmet they can't go on their scooters works every time cause they love having fun on their scooters
      • If my kids want to ride they must wear their helmets at all times. In our house, If there's no helmet on your head there will be no scooting.
      • Keep your Head/ Brain safe then we can ride. It's a simple case of no helmet no scooter (or bike)Jack and Alex know the rules.... No helmet, no riding! Just like no hat, no play.
      • Make it a rule, no helmet no wheels 👍🏼
      • Make sure it feels comfortable plus he knows he can’t ride without one Mr 3 knows no helmet, no scooter!
      My kids wear the helmet or I don't let the younger ones have their scooter or bike. The older kids know why we wear them so co operate, if they don't all I need to do is remove a wheel.
      • My nieces love their scooters and bikes. I won't let them have their bike or scooter until they have put their helmet on. My rule is no helmet no going outside to ride they always put their helmets Mum dad always wear their helmets show them by by example.
      • My rule is no helmet no ride. I find kids follow and do what you do. They see us wearing helmets when we ride our bikes. They automatically wear them. Set a good example. It works every time 👌✅
      • My sons have never been allowed to go on their bikes or scooters without a helmet, so they just know. We have them hanging above their scooter stands so they just grab and go!
      • “No hat, no play” (No helmet, no play) same as with their hats at school. We always use that wording too so it becomes automatic. 🙂
      • Easy one! No helmet, no scooter 🙌🏼
      • Easy! No helmet, no play :)
      • For us it's all about the cool looking helmet, it's no issue here tho, no helmet no scooter 🙌 Giving them a choice to either wear a helmet or there will be no scooter to ride.
      • Helmets + anything with wheels go hand-in-hand, she knows no different. Plus we role model by Daddy and Mummy always wearing helmets whilst riding our dirt bikes!☺️
      • I always tell the boys no helmet , no scooter as they see everyone else wearing their helmets and do the same, especially down at the park. If he doesn’t wear a helmet he can’t ride his scooter or bike.
      • It’s as simple as that. If the girls don't wear their helmets they aren't allowed to ride ❤️
      • Keep the helmet attached to the scooter.
      No helmet, no ride 😊 Mumma is boss and she says no helmet, no riding! Plus we decorate our helmets with stickers to encourage individuality!
      • My daughter Ruby has been taught from a very young age that when using both your bike and your scooter that you need to wear a helmet every time!!
      • My sons need to wear helmets. If they don’t they simply don’t go out and ride their scooters.
      • Our rule is simple - no helmet, no scoot 👍🏻
      • Put the helmet on before she starts riding Safety first!!
      • No helmet ⛑ no scooter 🛴...... 👌🏾 ours is nearly too small so would be awesome to upgrade to one of yours!
      • Simple in my house. No helmet no ride 😉
      • Simple. No helmet. No riding the scooter.
      • Thankfully my 3 year old is a FOMO so wears his helmet
      • There has literally never been wheels without a helmet, so it just goes hand in hand, so no real argument has been had. But there’s no negotiation on that anyway, no helmet to wheels.