Choosing The Best Scooter for Your 5-12 Year Old

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is "what's the best scooter for my 5-12 year old?" Once they've grown out of their beloved Mini Micro there are lots of great options for their next new ride. Whether they want to stick to the familiar, try out a cool two-wheeler or start doing jumps at the skate park, Micro's got them covered.

Transitioning from the Mini Micro

Are they still attached to their Mini Micro? Need extra stability and love using a 3 wheeler? Want something that is robust and can take a thrashing?

girl riding a maxi micro deluxe 3 wheel scooter by beach

Maxi Micro Deluxe LED 3 Wheel Kids Scooter

The Maxi Micro Deluxe LED is the next step up from the Mini Micro with 3 wheels and lean-to-steer action. If they're still working on their balance and coordination then the Maxi is great for stability. It has adjustable handlebars letting it grow with them and last longer. If they don't want to say goodbye to their Mini but they've grown out of it, then the Maxi is the way to go, with vibrant new colours, raised silicone grip deck and anodised metallic finish and motion-powered LED wheels that light up when you scoot.

For children who are still developing their balance and coordination skills, we also have the Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro Kids Scooter with ultimate control chopper-style handlebars and wide front wheels for extra stability.

Embracing the Two-Wheeler Experience

Are they confident at balancing and want a cool two-wheeler to cruise to school? Need something that's easily folded, stored and carried?

children riding a micro sprite kids scooter

Micro Sprite Kids Scooter

The Sprite is our entry level two wheel scooter perfect for kids with good balance and who want the next step up from 3 wheels. The sprite has adjustable handlebars and is easily folded making it great to take away with you. It's a robust scooter with a great range of colours and patterns for the kids to choose their favourite. If they want their first two-wheeler that's robust and comes in cool shades then the Sprite is the best option.

We also have the Micro Sprite Light Up Kids Scooter with motion-powered LED wheels and our best-selling Sprite Light Up Neochrome Scooter.

Unleashing Your Childs' Adventurous Spirit

Are they outgoing and fearless? Looking to take on the skate park and start performing tricks and jumps? Asking for a cool stunt scooter?

boy riding micro ramp kids stunts scooter

Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter

The Ramp is the ultimate beginner freestyle scooter engineered for kids wanting to start tricks at the skate park. Developed in conjunction with professional stunt riders the Ramp is lightweight and designed to give ultra-support to beginners. If they're confident on a two-wheeler and want to develop their stunt skill then the Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter is perfect.


When it comes to finding the perfect scooter for your 5-12 year old, look no further than Micro Scooters Australia. With our wide range of options, your child will have a blast riding in style and comfort. If they're still attached to their Mini Micro and need extra stability, the Maxi Micro Deluxe LED 3 Wheel Kids Scooter is an ideal choice. It features adjustable handlebars and vibrant colours, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. For those who want to try out a cool two-wheeler, the Micro Sprite Kids Scooter offers easy folding and a robust design. And if your child is adventurous and love performing jumps and tricks, the Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter is the ultimate choice. With its lightweight construction and support for beginners, it's perfect for skate park adventures.

These are just the tip of the Micro iceberg, explore our full range of Kids' Scooters to find the scooter that best suits your child's style and preferences. Whether you're looking for the perfect scooter for your boy or girl, we've got something for everyone. Let your child unleash their riding potential and create unforgettable memories.