Kick Scooters: A racy Valentine’s Day gift

Searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your partner in crime can be difficult. Sure, you could go for some flowers, chocolates, perfume or cologne like everyone else...

OR! You could choose something that gets you out on many fun adventures together. Adult kick scooters make an ultimate Valentine’s Day gift; they don’t wither away after a few days or force you off your healthy New Year routine (even if you haven’t quite managed to start that yet...). They do let you explore more together and have some great laughs along the way.

Valentine’s Day is about reconnecting and sharing memories and experiences. While we’re not relationship experts here at Micro, we do know that the more fun you have together, the better.

Trying new things and getting out there in the real world is what it’s all about. A study shows participating in an exciting physical challenge or activity, couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner. So scooting together can make your relationship even better too. 

Why limit yourself to having fun for just one day a year? Adult scooters are a romantic and thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day. Adventure awaits...


 Micro Classic Adult Scooter

💖 Micro Classic Adult Scooter

These sleek and stylish scooters are perfect for cruising the sidewalk. The low ergonomic footplates lets you get up to speed fast with minimal effort (no sweat required). Rediscover how fun the commute to work can be with a cute couple’s scoot for Valentine’s Day.


Micro Classic Neochrome Scooter

💖 Micro Classic Neochrome Scooter

Our classic adult scooter but with a colourful twist! It’s easy on the eyes AND loads of fun 😉, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! With a simple folding mechanism, large 200mm wheels and handy kickstand, you and your boo will turn heads scooting down the road on your matching Micro Classic Neochrome Scooter.


Micro Speed+ Deluxe Scooter

💖 Micro Speed+ Deluxe Scooter

If you’re after a smooth Valentine’s Day, our Micro Speed+ Deluxe Scooter is the perfect scooter for the trendy urban couple! With wide chopper handlebars and large 180mm wheels, the Speed+ Deluxe is our smoothest and most comfortable ride on offer. Comes in three gorgeous colors.


Still unsure which adult scooter would make a good Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other? Browse our full range of adult scooters and get in touch if you’d like some recommendations.

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy scooting! 💖🛴