Pick the Perfect Inline Skates

Are the kids getting ready to roll on around on Inline skates? Micro Inline skates are available now and come in a range of sizes and styles for differing abilities. No matter the ability we've got the perfect inline skate.

Quick guidelines:

  1. The Majority Skates - Best Beginners

  2. The Duality Skates - All Rounder

  3. The Infinite - All Rounder/Specialized

Beginner Majority Skates

The Majority - Best Beginners


Aptly named these Micro Inline Skates are for the majority of kids, awesome for beginners from 3-18 years as they range in size from EU27 - 34. The hard outer shell ensures that the skates are robust and designed to withstand the stages of balance development. Furthered by the high quality frames with an integrated impact resistant plastic base for safety and protection.

The high quality dense polyurethane wheels complimented by ABEC 5 bearings ensure that kids can glide with ease ironing out lumps and bumps in the pavement. Moreover the thickened memory liner and cushioning shock absorbers create a comfortable ride with great support.

A changeable slide pad enables the fit of the boot to be adjusted, so they can grow with your child!

Kids love the majority skates as they are fun, easy for learning and to ride.

Duality Inline Skates

The Duality - Ultimate All-Rounder

For all levels the Duality skates are engineered for longevity with a double layered cuff, adjustable sizing, 3D rubber strap, fast safety laces and aluminium frame. Available in sizes EU29-40.

With the rider in mind the Duality skates have been carefully considered and made to be a comfortable and lightweight skate with exceptional roll.

The hollow aluminum frame makes them as lightweight as possible - to go further faster. Like the Majority skates the Duality skates are designed for maximum comfort the PU wheels which roll for longer and ergonomically inserted shock absorbers to alleviate the impact of continuous flat movement.

A changeable slide pad enables the fit of the boot to be adjusted, so they can grow with your child!

The Duality skate is a great all - rounder for all ages and abilities with adjustable sizing, flexible breathable materials and quick and easy lasers.

Micro Inline Infinite Skates

The Infinite - To Skate Beyond

Designed down to the detail, the ultra-lightweight Infinite skates have increased maneuverability and durability. The 6000 series aluminium frame, adjustable sizing, high quality PU wheels and safety lock technology these are the ultimate skates for all levels. Available in sizes EU29-40.

Although hard shelled - Infinite skates are designed with Maxivent technology insole and made from breathable materials to cool feet. Not to mention the ‘easy pulley’ laces to create a unique and personalized fit for kids making them easy to get on and off!

The 6000 series aluminium frame along with the CNC aluminium base plate gives the skate increased strength and impact resistance – providing stability and full support. Infinite skates are built with a hard upper with impact resistant plastic to provide further protection.

A changeable slide pad enables the fit of the boot to be adjusted, so they can grow with your child!

Loved for their Infinite quality, comfort and durability.