New Downtown Scooter Receives 15/10 Review

The Downtown is the new scooter on the block. Instantly popular due to the handbrake, wide deck and quick-to-fold action they're rollin' out the door! The innovative features are Micro's answer to scooting efficiency, safety and fun. University student Hazel (25), has brought the Downtown to use everyday and tells how it has changed her life.

Hazel on her Downtown Scooter

What led you to buy a Micro Scooter?

A multitude of reasons!! An undying yearning of nostalgia for my childhood – a childhood dominated by my Blade scooter(!!) – not as good as my now beloved Micro of course but still very fun! I was also the ringleader of the Scooter Club of Aro Valley’s most ‘active transport’ friendly street, Maarama Crescent so prior to my Micro scooter purchase I was already predisposed to scooters!

Another reason is that I have a feeling that scooters are on the cusp of taking off per se and I wish to be ahead of the curve - lead from the front I say! Also, and probably most pertinently, scooters are at the holy grail of intersections – novelty and functionality – and this is where I look to occupy with many things I purchase.

Why the Downtown in comparison to the other Micro Adult scooters?

I tried out every adult Micro scooter and found that the lower foot platform on the Downtown meant that because there is less distance between the platform and the ground you expend less effort in pushing! Also, I adore the handbrake – I think this ultimately sold the Downtown to me as I am very safety conscious, two brakes make me feel extra safe. Honestly a no-brainer.

Quick Questions:

How did you find Micro Scooters? It’s next to the Green Party HQ! (I am a proud Green Party member)

What was your original mode of transport before the Downtown Scooter? My SUV!! Haha just kidding, my legs. They are still used a lot but less so on my commute these days.

Hazel on her Downtown Micro Scooter in the City

What’s the best feature? Other than the bell I added to ding (read: warn the public I am close by!), definitely the handbrake – I am such a fan. Also, the big wheels make for a very swift journey.

What made you choose a scooter over a bike? I do have a bike which I never use…! I genuinely think my choice is premised on how fun my scooter is, it is so much fun.

When do you use your scooter the most? All the time – to work, from work, just nipping out, scootouring the city as a leisure activity – I use it so much and I’m so pleased I made the purchase.

How has it changed your everyday? My life has become more fun even though it was already fun.

Do you find you spend more/less or the same on transport costs? I walked everywhere before my purchase so no I can’t say it has had any effect on transport costs but I imagine it would for some people.

Does it wake you up as much as a coffee? Yes! Although there is no totally satisfactory substitute for coffee…!!

Do you notice the extra exercise you get? I do actually! My thighs are getting stronger undoubtedly – I call this unintentional strength training.

1-10 how much fun is the Downtown? Off the scale, easily a 15/10.

Hazel saving money by scooting

What is the reaction you get from friends/colleagues/family? In one word: envy!! Also, they think it is hilarious but after one ride on Emmanuel Macron (my beloved’s name), they are converts. I’ll never look back and I reckon I’m close to garnering some more business for Micro scooters.

Do you see more people riding scooters these days? I do, yes. With the advent of the now famous Lime scooters you do see more scooters around but there are still not many relative to the potential (every person!!). I am hopeful scooters become prolific although we do need more appropriate infrastructure…watch this space!

Would you go electric now? Definitely, although the current cost is a barrier for me unfortunately. In saying that, I don’t think you can do jumps on electric scooters…

Would you like to add anything? If you are able to, I highly recommend getting a Micro scooter - your life will become enriched and quicker!!

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