100 of Our Best New Years Resolutions 2023

Happy New Year!!

We're a couple of weeks into 2023 and lots of us will have made a bunch of New Year's resolutions. We asked you what your number 1 New Years Resolution is and consolidated these answers into categories to help you with different ideas.

Our top tip.. keep your New Years Resolution small so that by the end of the year it will become a part of your daily routine.

Mum scooting with her children


We've noticed that many of these family based resolutions are good intentions rather than set goals. We love this idea as it takes away all of the pressure and can be naturally enriched into our everyday lives.

  • I've set my own well-being strategies, and my #1 is to have more meals with family and friends, together around the table.
  • This year I want to focus on living less in my own life and focusing on those around me - my family and friends - who I love and who support me.
  • This year was amazing but we have been blinded by our occasional dissatisfactions, silly grumpiness, and unnecessary complaints. This year, we are going to be a household full of gratefulness and shall constantly count our blessing. We are going to set up a “thankful jar” where everyday, each of us will write down one positive occurrence of the day and put that into the jar. By year end, there will be one big impressive collection of happy messages waiting for us to read out together as a family. #1 resolution: be thankful, and complain less! ❤️
  • To create as many memories with my daughter and take more family photos!!

"My number 1 new year's resolution is to keep on doing what I'm doing with my life to continue to succeed. Keep the dickheads out of my life and just focus on my daughter and my family ❤️❤️"

  • To be healthier, more active and create beautiful memories with our family
  • NY resolution is to get outside more with the kids and have fun as a family
  • To try new things and go on adventures big and small with my family
  • New Years resolution is to more spend time with my loved ones who I truly value in life. My family, kids, and besties!!!!
  • My New Years resolution is joining gym with my husband to get on healthier lifestyle as we now have 2x girls in our life and save enough money to travel as a family and explore the world and live more eco friendly lifestyle ♻
  • My New Years resolution is to be more in the moment this year and appreciate the good health of all the family. Making the most of our great out doors NZ has to offer
  • Our family resolution is to spend 30-60minutes outside every day being active
"The 4 S's are always my NYR. Spend, Share, Save, Shed. Spend more time with my family. Share, be more charitable with not only $ but my time also. Save for a house deposit and Shed, shed those excess Christmas kilos"
  • Spending quality time with family! 🛴
  • Spend more quality tome with my husband amongst the chaos of parenting/work life!
  • To save more money to spend on holidays with my little family!
  • For my family & I to live more sustainably 🛴🛴
  • My New Years Resolution is to hopefully find a new more family friendly job. One that is close enough to home for me to scoot to work would be an extra bonus!
  • To spend more time with my family now we have just become a family of 4! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🛴
  • Resolution : family comes first

Family sitting together with their Micro 2 wheel scooters

Health & Fitness

A lot of these New Years Resolutions talk about getting healthy, which is great as it's broad and something you can work towards over time! You can be healthy in so many ways, not only physically but also mentally.

  • My New Years Resolution is get fit and healthy
  • To keep on top of washing! And become fit again
  • To lose some of this baby weight 🙌🙌 one of these scooters would be amazing to get out for some exercise with the kids
  • New Years Resolution is to exercise more consistently
  • NY Resolution: instead of watching the kids, get active WITH them and Hubby 💕
  • My NY resolution is to become healthier!
  • To lose the baby weight I’ve stacked on in the last decade 😅 and be a healthy role model for my kids!
"Drink a kale smoothie each morning before running 20km. (Honestly, I'd never lie!) OK, truthfully, cut back on flavoured milk on my way to work"
  • Eat less meat, and more green 🥦🥬🥒
  • #1 New Years Resolution to lose weight, exercise and walk to places where I would normally drive to with my girls
  • New Years Resolution is to declutter my life and get out doors more and enjoy our countryside
  • My #1 New Year Resolution is to continue with my weight goals and to not give up
  • Smile more and live healthier
  • I love my micro adult scooter & my resolution is to get out on it much more
  • My new years resolution is to run a full marathon. Go for gold I say 🥇
"I gotta get this dad bod gone and my energy and fitness levels higher to help me be the best father and husband for my daughter and wife"
  • My new years resolution is the same every year, to get fit and healthy
  • #1 resolution - to get fit enough to keep up with our son on his Micro Scooter!
  • I just wanna work on my fitness so I can keep up and live life with my kiddies! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • My resolution is a BIG one!! Get the whole family fit (including our dog) and healthy! 🙏🏼😃👍😍

Women riding her 2 wheel Micro Scooter in fitness gear


Release your inner child and join in the fun! Spending quality time with your kids doing what they love to do will help to strengthen your relationship and also boost your Childs confidence, you will also have fun along the way!

  • My New Years resolution is to spend more time taking scooter trips with my kids to get my favourite sausage at a local cafe 😜
  • #1 resolution better work life balance
  • To be more active for my kids ❤
  • My #1 NY resolution is to spend more time with kids outdoors having fun
  • More adventures with our daughter
  • Spend less time one my phone and more time with my children 😚
  • To do more adventuring with the kids!

"My adrenalin junkie 8yo son with mild cerebral palsy only has use of his right hand but he flies on a 3 wheel scooter so I got him the micro maxi for Xmas. His face as he zoomed around was the best present ever so my NY reso #1 is to be able to share in his scooting fun and get out and about as much as we can (and off the screens!!!"

  • Have fun with my daughter and get more sleep!
  • Read my kids more stories, play more games, do more baking and go on more adventures👩‍👧‍👧👦
  • To find my inner child to keep up with my 20 yr old electric scooter daughter and my 12yr old Micro scooter son
  • No earth shattering resolutions for me - try to sleep more and be more present with the kids. They really do grow so fast! 🛴
  • Get fitter and having more fun with my kids by scooting with them and explore more

"Always say yes when my kids ask me to play, read, colour or cuddle with them ♡ even if I have mountains of washing or dishes to do... that will wait they wont... one day they wont want that then they will be gone! Say more yes ♡♡"

  • To stop and say ‘yes’ when my kids ask me to join in their games
  • Make more time to play with my little ones first & leave housework as a 2nd priority! ..I need to constantly remind myself time waits for no Mumma!
  • Do more fun things with the kids
  • Making memories, being present and spending time with our beautiful kids ♥️✨
  • Spend more active time with the kids and less time on social media
  • Slow down and enjoy my kids more. Hopefully scooting along together!

dad with his children riding 3 wheel scooters

Positivity, Self Care and Everything In Between

Not all New Years Resolutions have to be about focusing on others. It is so important to stop and smell the roses and focus on yourself for a change! If you're looking for resolutions about positivity, motivation and self care you've come to the right place.

  • One foot in front of another xx
  • To declutter my home as I have over a room full of items that I never use
  • To be more present. Less time on my phone
  • Buy a house 🙊
  • Get back into doing yoga daily!!
  • My Resolution is be kind ,stronger and wiser
  • To not sweat the small things
  • Be the best person I can, teach my children to never give up and to work hard in life to achieve what you want
  • To really enjoy life to the full and get out and explore more 😊👌
  • Resolution is to have a better work life balance
  • To drive less and scooter more 🛴
  • To live in the present and be grateful for everything that I have
"To stop and smell the roses occasionally🌷👃and teach my husband to clean floors"
  • To be grateful for each day and appreciate the small joys in life
  • I will volunteer in a place to help prepare and serve food to the homeless
  • To scoot to work!
  • My #1 resolution is to start the New Year by planting new thoughts and positivity and watch them grow into wonderful moments with the ones I love and cherish . And keep staying strong for me and my daughter. And take each day as it comes. Most of all is to have lots of FUN !! 😍😍
  • I wanna spend less time on my phone 🙄 and more time actually present #thosestatsarealarming
  • #1 wear my glasses more, I don’t have 20/20 vision 😂 but seriously, I really DO need to wear my glasses more
"My number 1 resolution - do not create resolutions that you will not stick to - just enjoy life as it comes each day as life is so rich in itself"
  • To encourage my kids (and myself), to embrace our creative sides
  • Keep moving, keep improving and to save money for more adventures travelling
  • Self care and enjoying my third and last little bub due this year 🌸
  • Spend more quality tome with my husband amongst the chaos of parenting/work life!
  • Not sweat the little things - let kids be kids, mess can wait
  • To keep my plants alive and grow some produce at home with my kids

mum riding Micro Scooters 2 wheel adult scooter along a path

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