2 year manufacturer warranty

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Micro products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for two years from the date of purchase.
If the product has a manufacturing fault we will repair it or send out replacement parts free of charge. If not practical to repair it we will, at our discretion, replace the product. If the product fails due to wear and tear, accident, neglect or negligence, or if it is outside the warranty period, we will happily repair it for a reasonable charge.

Who is covered? 
The original purchaser, who bought the product from an authorised dealer. Proof of purchase is required.

What is covered? 
Workmanship or materials that are deemed faulty, providing the product has been used at all times in normal conditions, properly maintained and in accordance with the instructions.

What is not covered? 
Second hand product, those obtained via third-party resellers, modified or altered product, poorly maintained product (left outside), normal wear & tear (Any damage, failure or loss caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, theft, or failure to follow instructions or warnings in owner's manual), wear and tear on wheels (flat spots, worn down polyurethane etc.) improper or abnormal use: not following instructions, excessive load, transport damage i.e. airline or freight damage, cosmetic issues such as fading or scratches from normal wear, or any other cause not arising from defects in material and workmanship.

Customer costs within warranty 
The customer is responsible for any inwards freight charge to return a product for warranty and or service. 

Customer costs outside of warranty 
Where proof of purchase is not provided or a product is outside of the warranty period, the manufacturer's representative reserves right to charge a service fee and/or charge for parts replaced/repaired. A return freight charge may apply. 

Any consequential loss or damage to any person or property directly or indirectly as a result of using product.


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  • Your serial number is found on the underside of the lower deck or etched into the folding block depending on which type of scooter you have. See the guide below if you need help locating it.

‚ÄčIf you're not sure where to find the serial number have a look at the guide below.
Some Micro scooters have more than one marking on the lower deck - so check this guide to ensure you register the right number as your serial number
When registering your helmet, quote the batch number and style. You can find that here.



Turn your Mini Micro or Mini2Go over and you will find the serial number between the two front wheels. You'll also see two clock faces on the black lower deck. Please provide both the serial number and the numbers on the clock faces, ie: XY1234ABC1234, clock face 12/3

Mini Micro serial numbers on black lower deck

Mini Micro serial number on axle under scooter

Mini Micro clocks on underside of deck


The Maxi Micro serial numbers are both on the black lower deck. One is on the side of the deck and the two clock faces are on the underside. Please provide both the serial number and the numbers on the clock faces, ie: XY1234ABC1234, clock face 12/3

Maxi Micro serial numbers on side of black lower deck

Close up of Maxi Micro serial number

Maxi Micro clocks on black lower deck


The Sprite, Speed, Rocket, Flex, Micro Black and Micro White have their serial number etched onto the curved side of the folding block.

Serial numbers on folding block of 2 wheel scooters

Close up of serial number on a micro sprite

Serial number location for adult micro scooters


The Kickboard Compact has it's serial number on top of the deck near the brake. The Kickboard Volcano Grey has it etched onto the front underside of the scooter.

kickboard compact serial number on deck next to brake

Close up of kickboard compact serial number

Serial number under shank on Kickboard original

Close up of Kickboard original serial number on shank


The serial number for the MX freestyle scooter range is found on the underside of the deck right next to the rear wheel.

Micro MX trixx showing serial number on underside of scooter

close up of serial number on Trixx on underside of deck

Serial number location on underside of MX freeride

Serial number close up on MX Freeride scooter


The serial number for the Suspension scooter is found on the underside of the scooter in the centre.

Serial number for Micro Suspension scooter on underside of deck

Close up of serial number on underside of Suspension scooter

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The serial number for the emicro one electric scooter is found on the underside of the scooter right next to the rear wheel.

Serial number on underside of deck on an emicro electric scooter

Close up of emicro underside of deck by rear wheel showing serial number


For helmets please quote the 'Batch No.' and 'Style'. These can be found on a sticker inside the helmet.

inside the helmet there are several stickers

The sticker with batch number and style details

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