Micro Scooters vs Globber

When it comes to children’s scooters, two prominent brands stand out: Micro and Globber.

Both brands offer a range of products designed for young riders. However, discerning parents and guardians may find themselves wondering: What sets these brands apart?

We delve into the nuances of Micro Scooters and Globber, examining their respective features and qualities, from deck materials to wheel bearings, to uncover the distinct characteristics that define each brand's offerings. So, whether you're in the market for your child's first scooter or considering an upgrade, read on to discover the differences between Micro and Globber scooters.

Why micro scooters are better than globber


Micro Scooters Globber
Deck Silicone injected deck and reinforced with Fiberglass Composite deck and reinforced with metal
Hand Grips Natural rubber Thermoplastic rubber (synthetic)
Wheels Polyurethane wheels with ABEC 9 bearings Polyurethane casted wheels with ABEC 5 bearings
T-Bar Adjustable to many heights Adjustable to three heights
Longevity Top quality parts, every scooter part available Some spare parts available
Weight Mini 1.9kg | Maxi 2.6kg Primo 2.5kg | Master 2.8kg


Micro Scooters vs Globber: What’s the difference?


Micro Scooters boast silicone-injected decks on both the Mini and Maxi Micro Deluxe models, offering superior grip and resilience. Attached at eight points to a chassis engineered for strength and flexibility, Micro is the sole brand reinforcing three-wheel scooter chassis with fibreglass, ensuring durability and adaptability. In contrast, Globber relies on metal reinforcement for its decks, sacrificing suspension and adding weight to the scooter.


Hand grips

In the realm of comfort and durability, Micro Scooters shine with hand grips crafted from natural rubber on the Mini and Maxi Micro Deluxe scooters. In contrast, Globber opts for a synthetic blend called TPR (thermoplastic rubber), which lacks the same level of resilience and comfort. The natural rubber composition of Micro's hand grips not only withstands wear but also provides a plush, vibration-dampening ride, shielding the rider from sidewalk imperfections.


Wheels and bearings

Micro Scooters prioritise smooth rides and longevity with their use of two bearings per wheel, totaling six on a Mini Micro Deluxe and eight on a Maxi Micro Deluxe. Globber, on the other hand, employs three bearings, one per wheel. Furthermore, Micro Scooters utilise ABEC 9 bearings, the highest quality available, ensuring minimal friction and prolonged performance. In contrast, Globber settles for ABEC 5 bearings, which are semi-sealed and prone to moisture and dust infiltration, leading to potential bearing failure and wheel seizing.


Scooter longevity and replacement parts

Micro Scooters demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and longevity with their extensive availability of replaceable scooter parts. Every component of a Micro Scooter is replaceable, eliminating the need for disposal and enabling the scooter to be passed on to another child as it outgrows its current rider. With options to customise and refresh the scooter with new colour decks, LED wheels, and hand grips, Micro Scooters offer a sustainable and personalised solution. Conversely, only has limited spare parts available.



When comparing Micro Scooters to Globber scooters, weight plays a crucial role in usability and safety. The Mini and Maxi Micro Deluxe models are notably lighter than Globber scooters, enhancing manoeuvrability and ease of handling, especially for young riders navigating streets and crossings. Micro's achievement lies in balancing strength and flexibility in a lightweight design, a feat that underscores their commitment to providing an optimal riding experience.



A final word about Micro Scooters vs Globber

When comparing Micro Scooters to Globber Scooters, it's evident that Micro Scooters are the clear winner. Supported by reputable sources like the New York Times whose testers “unanimously preferred the Micro Scooters to the Globbers”, Micro Scooters demonstrate superiority in quality and design, prioritising durability and performance. Additionally, the availability of replacement parts ensures longevity and sustainability, distinguishing Micro Scooters as a more environmentally-conscious choice. Moreover, their lightweight design enhances usability and safety, making them easier for children to manoeuvre.

Opting for a Micro Scooter means investing in a superior product that offers unmatched quality, comfort, and longevity, ultimately providing the best riding experience for children.