The Micro Scooters Story

It all began in Switzerland in 1996

Micro founder Wim Ouboter had a craving for his favourite sausage and needed a quick and easy way to get to his local cafe. The distance didn't warrant getting his bicycle or car out so he invented the first folding aluminium scooter; the perfect solution for travelling micro distances. Ever since, the Micro Scooters Swiss design team is continually innovating new products and developing the world of urban mobility.


Wim and his first Micro Scooter prototype

Production kicked off

Wim put the kickboard and two wheel Micro Scooter in to production. These innovations boomed in the market in the 2000's, exceeding expectations and gaining worldwide press.


Line up of the iconic Mini Micro Classic

An icon was born

The Swiss design team alongside child development experts created the beloved Mini Micro, a kickboard small enough for preschoolers to use and develop skills from 2 years old. Now loved around the world by parents and kids as the best first scooter.


Adults scooting on the Micro Classics

Scooters aren't just for kids

The Swiss design team started to produce a wider range of foldable adult scooters with large 200mm wheels creating a smooth and seamless ride. Perfect for parents and commuters to travel faster, greener and smarter. The Micro White won a Euro Bike Award for its innovative and quality design.


Micro Scooters Australia

The beginning of Micro Scooters Australia

After spotting children everywhere in the UK on Micro Scooters, we saw the fantastic potential for them back home. Micro Scooters Australia started with the introduction of the Mini Micro & Maxi Micro.


Scooter or Suitcase?

Why not both! Who wouldn't want to ride their carry on? The Micro Luggage was introduced to make life for the frequent flyer a whole lot better. Travelling through terminals now a breeze and a blast.

Micro Scooters First Stockists in Australia

First Retail Customers

Our scooters were too good to keep to ourselves so we got in touch with some awesome stores. They were now being sold in Skater HQ, Kidstuff, Hurley Burley Toys, Fun, Form & Function, Bayside Blades, Red Rocket Toys and K & K Creative.


Micro Scooters first Employee

We got bigger

It was time to add another team member and along came our golden treasure Natasha! She was and still is our Jill of all trades - covering everything from Office Manager, Accountant, Customer Service, Account Manager, and everything else. With the team expanding it was time we got a proper office and made the move from the garden shed.


Micro Scooter Safety Programme

Safety First

With more and more kids scooting to school we decided to introduce a Scooter Safety Programme to teach kids how to stay safe on their journey.

Award winning preschool mini micro and seat attachment

Mother and Baby Awards Mini Micro Seat

The Mini Micro Seat won the gold prize for new innovation of the year award at the Australian Mother and Baby Awards. It also won the babies and infants award at the Nuremberg Toy Fair Awards.


Celebrities on Micro Scooters

Celebrities Spotted

More and more celebrities and their children are spotted on Micro Scooters including Hugh Jackman, Jamie Oliver, Naomi Watts, Christian Bale, Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few.


Wim inventor of micro scooters wins entrepreneur award

Inventor Wim finalist at the EY Entrepreneur Awards


Wim was a finalist at the EY Entrepreneur awards and named one of the top 10 toy inventors in the world. He was also named one of 60 personalities listed as the greatest Zurich pioneers since 1900.

Mini2go Winner

Mini2go wins at Australian Toy Fair

A very proud moment when the mini2go won the 'Specialty Award' at the Australian Toy Fair Awards.


We decided to power up

Our range just got bigger with a new electric beast, the world's first motion controlled electric scooter, emicro one.

Deluxe line launched

Our design classics were reborn with innovative new features and deluxe styling. Kids and adults loved the new range at our Deluxe launch party at Prefab in Wellington.

Micro Scooters Team Photo

We reached 10 employees

Our micro team reached 10 employees with new members in accounts, marketing and management. Together we made a team effort to compete the corporate challenge run along the waterfront, scooting there and back in style of course.


Sharing the love with Scooter Aid Projects

Sharing the love

We quick started our Micro Scooter Aid project providing refurbished scooters to charities, hospitals and other good causes in Australia for the children in their care. One of the great things about Micro Scooters is we have all the spare parts available to keep them in tip top shape so they can be reused and re-loved.


the first sustainable scooter line

ECO line launched

When Wim's sons, Merlin and Oliver joined Micro Mobility, they wanted the company to focus on sustainability. In 2021 we launched the first sustainable scooter line, made of parts from recycled ocean plastic, and we are donating 1% of the sales of this ECO line to Environmental Protection.


Micro Scooter Microlino Introduced

Reduce to the max

Micro has upped the ante, and have launched the long-awaited Microlino. The Microlino introduces a mini electric car that aims to be an alternative to a general car, with only a third of the environmental impact. Micro wanted to give people a cool alternative that is just as convenient, but much more eco-friendly. More than 35,000 people have already reserved a Microlino overseas, before production has even started.