Consent/Release Form

As part of agreeing to become a Micro Ambassador or a collaborating Influencer, we ask you to submit this form which will provide your consent and allow us to use any of the content you send us for marketing purposes.

Please enter your personal and contact information into this form below and submit to us. This will act as a signature confirming giving your consent and allowing the rights of the content you share to be released to Micro Scooters. Thank you :)


'Content' refers to material recorded by means of photograph, video, film, audio, video or such other format

Micro Scooters would like to use the Content that you share with us for promotional purposes.

By submitting Content to us you give us full permission to use this Content, which may include your children, to promote Micro products. Your Content may appear in any of our promotional material in printed or electronic form including websites, social media, multimedia productions, posters, catalogues, flyers. Please be aware that websites can be seen worldwide and not just in Australia and New Zealand where Australian and New Zealand law applies.

We will normally store Content securely in our image library for no longer than 5 years; however Content you have shared with us may be selected for inclusion in our historical archive and be retained indefinitely. Please note you can contact us at any time to request the removal of Content from our records, but please note that in certain circumstances we may not be able to immediately erase or delete Content that has already been published.

1. I hereby give permission to Micro Scooters Ltd & Micro Mobility Ltd and its related companies (hereafter referred to as “Micro”) and those authorised by Micro to use the Content I have supplied for any of its commercial and non-commercial purposes worldwide, in all and any media, including, without limitation, in printed publications, social media, presentations, promotional materials, in the advertising of Micro’s goods or services, in e-mail marketing activities and on Micro’s websites, in its original format, edited or altered in any way which Micro deems appropriate (Specified Purposes);

2. I do not object to Micro:

a. Storing or managing copies of the Content for the Specified Purposes or to Micro storing my contact details on its database; or
b. Transferring or storing the Content and my contact details to a destination outside Australia for the purposes set out in point 1 above.
c. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Australian & New Zealand  law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian & New Zealand courts.

3. I agree that:

a. Copyright of all resulting images and other material is the property of Micro Scooters Ltd
b. Micro Scooters Ltd is under no obligation to provide copies (electronic or otherwise) of the resulting images and other material.


* Parental/Legal Guardian permission and consent is required for: a ‘child’, a person under the age of 16.

By filling out and submitting this form I give permission for Micro Scooters Ltd & Micro Mobility Ltd to use Content recorded by means of photograph, video, film, audio, video or such other format as may now or in the future exist or be discovered