Mother's Day



Coolest Mum in Town

I got this Scooter as a mother's day present and love everything about it. It is lightweight and compact making it easy to quickly throw in the car or carry if necessary....AND IT GOES FAST!!! My daughter now struggles to keep up with me! Get one!

Monique C.

Family fun

Really great item for family fun, our 4 year old loves riding on it with her mum . Nice to think we now have a BMW too :-)



I’m a mum of young kids who love scootering and decided to buy myself a scooter so I could join them. We’ve been riding a lot of bike paths since then and love the family time together exploring.

Sophie A.

Scootermum! Best fun ever!

The most amazing ride, fast, comfortable, fun! No more running to catch the kids, now I too can enjoy the fun of scooting too!

Sonia C.

Feel like a kid again!

Love at first sight! So much fun, so cool and easy to use. My kids think im the coolest mum around town!