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      22 products

      22 products

      Micro scooter accessories are a great way for kids to get the most out of their scooter adventures. Kids love to personalise their scooting look with this unique collection of accessories. We want to make sure kids always put their safety first. Our safety gear; including scooter helmets and elbow and knee pads will help them stay safe wherever and whenever they're scooting. Let people know they're coming with scooter lights and bells.

      If you need help carrying your kids or adult scooter grap a micro carry strap or handy bag to make it easy.

      When the kids head out for a scooting adventure, make sure they stay hydrated - a Micro bottleholder will ensure they stay hydrated. Our attachable goodie bags are perfect for all of their important bits and bobs. Quickly attach and they'll be off!

      These scooter accessories are the best gift ideas for kids who love to scoot.

      Kids can also revamp their Mini Micro or Maxi Micro with our range of coloured scooter parts to mix and match.

      Need help picking a kids scooter?