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      11 products

      Welcome to our one-stop-shop for all things scooter safety gear! Whether your little ones are zipping through the neighbourhood, scooting the school run or mastering their tricks at the skatepark, our range of bike and scooter helmets, knee and elbow pads, bells and lights will keep them safe while adding an extra touch of fun to their riding experience.

      Helmets for Maximum Protection

      Safety is our top priority, and that's why we offer an extensive selection of helmets designed to safeguard your child's head. Our scooter and bike helmets come in a range of vibrant colours and cool patterns, ensuring that your young rider will not only be protected but look super stylish too! Remember, a properly fitted helmet is a must for every scooter adventure.

      Knee and Elbow Pads: Protection on the Go

      We understand that kids love to push their limits, and that's why we have a range of knee and elbow pads that provide exceptional protection for those inevitable falls. Our pads are crafted with durable materials, offering comfort and flexibility without compromising on safety. So, let your children ride with confidence knowing their joints are well protected.

      Make Safety Fun with Our Playful Bells

      Safety doesn't have to be boring! Our colourful plain and patterned bells serve a dual purpose: adding a playful touch to your child's scooter and ensuring they're always heard and seen while riding. Let your kids express their personalities by choosing from our assortment of fun bell designs and even choose one to match their scooter or helmet.

      Kids' Scooter Safety Programme

      Quality & safety come first for us, so we've developed an easy to follow "High Five 🖐🏽" Scooter Safety rules for kids to stick to. Our safety rules will keep kids safe while they're scooting to and from school or simply while out having fun. Make it fun for kids to learn by printing out the safety rules and getting them to teach you!

      Let's make every rider super scooter safety conscious now, get 'em something so good they won't want to take off. 

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