Nick Kyrgios micro White style

Nick Kyrgios will be interesting to watch when Wimbledon starts today. The young Australian embodied the spirit of John McEnroe at the French Open, injecting a whole lot of passion and fire into the competition.

Nick Kyrgios with his Micro Scooter

The Guardian spoke to John McEnroe about Kyrgios last week:

"Asked to name one player he reckoned might shake up Wimbledon this year, the former three-times champion had no hesitation: “Kyrgios. He is close to being ready to make a big breakthrough if I had to pick one guy... He brings this belief and intensity. There is something about him. It is not often you see that with a player, and it is nice to see."

Nick's been scooting around SW19 on his micro White over the past week with his crew, a great way to cover maximum distance with minimum effort.

Nick Kyrgios is pictures with his Micro white adult scooter near Wimbledon.