Micro featured in The Australian

After Samantha Cameron (now) famously rode a micro White back to Downing Street, adult scooting became international news. This is a great feature from The Australian, and it's definitely worth a read.

micro scooters in The Australian

"I use it for quick trips to the shops, to reduce the time it takes to get to the train, the school run, any journey of just a few kilometres. I've perfected scooting in heels but not nailed kicking with my left leg, so I'm getting a little lopsided as a result.Inventor Wim Ouboter hatched his original Micro design, an adult three-wheeler kick board, so he could travel with speed and ease to his favourite pub. The distance was too far to walk yet not far enough to warrant getting out his bike or car.Any invention hatched from such a noble cause was always going to chime with me..."