How to remove Mini and Maxi handlebars

Mini and Maxi scooters don't fold, but if you need to remove the T-bar from your maxi or mini scooter it's actually pretty easy.

Simply flip the scooter over. You'll see that there's a red push button underneath.

Flip the scooter over

Press the red button in and at the same time pull out the T-bar. It will be quite tight, you will need to wiggle it and pull reasonably hard.

Press the button in while pulling the handlebar out

On some models you will find an additional cover piece over the red button. This helps you to be able to press that button in.

Some models have a cover over the button

To put the handle back into the scooter to reassemble press in the red button and slide the handlebar down into the socket.

how to re-insert the handlebar

Sometimes you might struggle to remove the T bar from the scooter particularly if it's in brand new scooter so a little trick you can do is turn the scooter upside down, have the handles on the floor and gently press your foot against the grip.

If it is really stiff flip the scooter upside down

Then push the button and lift the deck up off the handlebar.

The more you remove the T-bar from the deck the easier this will become.

Please watch the video if you need any extra assistance: