The best back to school scooter

Ahhh... Back to school. It's time to make sure you and your kids get a start to the school year on the right foot, and what better a way to do so than getting the family all set up with micro Scooters. But what scooter should I pick, you ask?

Well we've gone ahead and picked out our favourite scooters for Back to School in four categories: Back to Preschool, Back to Primary School, Back to Secondary School, and Scoot the School Run.

Back to Preschool

Two preschoolers having fun on their Micro scooters

Preschool is a great age to get kids started on scooting, and there's no better way than getting them on the award winning classic and forever reliable Mini Micro. The Mini Micro is durable, easy to learn, and teaches the child balance and co-ordination skills in a safe and accessible way. It's also incredibly compact and lightweight, so if your child gets tired you can simply pop out the t-bar and throw it into one of our bag-in-a-bags for easy carrying.

Mum and child out with the Micro Trike

If your child isn't quite ready to get on one of our scooters, then try our Micro Trike. It's a great way for your child to feel the wind in their hair if they aren't comfortable with jumping on one of our scooters just yet. It's lightweight, easy to use, and can hang on the back of your backpack - much easier to use than a buggy.

Back to Primary School

Kids having fun together on their Micro Scooters

Primary school is a great time for your child to make the jump from three wheels to two, and there is no better start than the Sprite. It's light, can fold down small, has an adjustable handlebar and comes in a large variety of colours and patterns. The Sprite has a 100 kg weight limit, so with care and maintenance your child can ride the Sprite well into the later years.

Kids on their Micro Scooters at school

If two wheels isn't their thing, then take a look at the Maxi Micro. The next step up from the Mini Micro, the Maxi has the comfort and style of the Mini, with the same lean-to-steer mechanism but with the added strength and height of a larger scooter. It comes in a variety of colours and styles, and is the best next step if your child is keen on sticking with three wheels.

Back to Secondary School

Girl scooting on her Micro scooter

You thought the three-wheel scooters were just for kids didn't you? We have three wheel scooters for all shapes and sizes, so why not let the secondary schoolers take a Kickboard Compact out for a spin. With a strong and flexible aluminium deck, a weight limit of 100 kg, and a sleek black finish, you can cruise like you're skateboarding, but with the balance of a scooter. It's a great step up for those kids who don't want to let the three-wheels go.

Two friends scooting to school together

For the two-wheeler crowd we have the Speed+, the great first leap into our larger, more adult range of scooters. With it's large 145 mm wheels, shock absorbers, and higher handlebar height, the Speed+ will get you anywhere with speed and ease. It also comes in a range of colours, from a classic chrome finish, to the bold Black/Orange and the chic Mint.

Scoot the School Run

Friends scooting the school run together on Micro Scooters

Don't worry parents, you can get in on the action as well. It's a great way to get fit, and encourage the kids too. The great all-rounder for parents is the White or Black - it's fast, it's sleek, and it's light enough to carry on public transport easily. The extra-large 200 mm wheels take the curbs easily, and it has a low deck clearance for ease of use. If it's a longer way to school, this is the perfect scooter for speed.

Friends scooting together on their flex+

If you're wanting something that little bit smoother, then give our Flex+ range a try. Coming in both Black and Aubergine, the Flex+ marries the speed of the 200 mm wheels with the smoothness of the flexible composite deck. This scooter handles all those bumps with no issues - you'll feel like your gliding. With a high handlebar height this scooter is built for the bigger kids at heart.