Mini & Maxi Scooter Guide

Our three wheelers are the perfect first scooters for kids to learn and have loads of fun. They’re safe, stable, easy to use and help develop their balance and coordination skills. Depending on your child’s age, size and confidence they could be ready for the Mini or Maxi scooter in the original or the latest deluxe model.

This guide is here to explain the differences between our kids three wheel scooters and help you make the best choice for your child.

Does your little one need a Mini or Maxi Micro Scooter?

The Mini Micro is a small lightweight scooter designed for preschoolers. It's easy for young children to use and carry. The big brother or sister to the Mini is the Maxi Micro, it's larger and more robust design is made for school kids to use. With an adjustable handlebar it can grow alongside your child throughout their primary school years. Depending on the child, some can stay on their Mini Micro for longer or jump to the Maxi Micro early.

Both scooters have the same lean to steer action making it easy for kids to move from the Mini to the Maxi. Although these scooters are very similar they do have some important key differences. The size, weight and dimensions of the scooters need to be taken into account when you're choosing a scooter for your child.

Mini Micro features

Maxi Micro Features


The difference in weight of the Mini and Maxi is quite significant for children. The Mini is very lightweight at 1.9kg for preschools to manoeuvre and pick up easily. The Maxi is heavier and more robust at 2.6kg for school children to use. The Mini can hold up to 35kg and the Maxi can hold up to 50kg (the Maxi deluxe can now hold up to 70kgs!).


The Mini Micro has one rear wheel and the Maxi has two rear wheels placed together for extra strength. The brake on the Mini is lighter and requires less downward force to quickly slow down. The brake on the Maxi Micro is metal and involves more pressure in order to slow down.


The maximum handlebar height on the Mini is the same as the Maxi at its lowest height. A small 4 year old might still be comfortable on the Mini for a couple more years. Whereas a tall 3 or 4 year old could be ready to go straight to the Maxi. If your child is under 110cm we recommend the Mini Micro and if they're over 110cm we recommend the Maxi Micro.


The deck on the Mini Micro is smaller in length and width designed for little feet. The Maxi Micro has a wider and longer deck for older children and could cause younger children to trip. Kids also have to reach slightly further to brake on the Maxi due to its large size.

Original or Deluxe

Our original models are Micro's award winning design classics. They've been loved worldwide by children and recommended many times by parents. The deluxe range are the latest models with new features to suit a wider range of children. Read below to find out the differences between the orginial and deluxe models to find which is best for your child.

Mini Micro Classic Specs

Mini Micro Classic

For ages 2-5 years
Weighs a light 1.9kg
Suitable for children 98-110cm tall
Suitable for children up to 35kg

The Mini Micro scooter is great for preschoolers to learn to scoot. Its lightweight design is for young children to easily push along and carry without any trouble.

The stable 3 wheeler has a lean to steer action making it easy for young kids to turn and helps develop their balance and coordination. This product is no longer available, however maybe available through other stockists.

Mini Micro Deluxe Specs

Mini Micro Deluxe

For ages 2-5 years
Weighs a light 1.9kg
Suitable for children
80cm-110cm tall
Suitable for children up to 35kg

The Mini Micro Deluxe is the original reimagined with the introduction of an adjustable handle bar. It now can be lowered to 80cm meaning your child can start to scoot even younger. It also features a new silicone injected deck for extra grip and vibrant anodised t-bar to protect against corrosion.

Maxi Micro Classic Features

Maxi Micro Classic

For ages 5-12 years
Weighs 2.6kg
Suitable for children 110-152cm
Suitable for children up to 50kg
Maxi Micro Scooter features

The Maxi Micro is the next step up from the Mini for older children who still want the 3 wheel stability, lean to steer action and can use a bigger more robust scooter. Unlike the original Mini the Maxi has an adjustable handlebar for children to grow alongside their scooter.

Maxi Micro Deluxe Specs

Maxi Micro Deluxe

For ages 5-12 years
Weighs 2.5kg
Suitable for children 110-152cm
Suitable for children up to 70kg

The Maxi Micro Deluxe features a unique deck with raised silicone Micro grip for extra grip and safety, and an anodised stem to protect from corrosion. A design classic, reborn with Deluxe styling. The Maxi can now hold up to 70kg, increasing its lifetime and usability.