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Hello Micro Mums

Thank you for entering. We were so blown away by all your lovely comments that we'd like to help you get your own scooters.

We've created an 48hr exclusive discount code for you to get 20% off your scooter.  So you'll be able to keep up with the kids, stop borrowing their scooters, have fun, stay young, share with your husband, be in the race, join the scooter gang and create awesome family memories together. 


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Congratulations to...

Jess Mott 

Happy Mother's Day, a Micro Flex+ Aubergine will be sent your way!  

To win a Micro Scooter would be amazing
I’ve always needed one
Being a mum of 2 kids

Is hard but still lots of fun

My eldest has a scooter
And he zooms around the place
But my daughter she doesn’t have one yet
You should see her sad face...

We have a dam down the road
Where the kids can feed a duck or two
And how much fun to have the kids ride there
With Mum not far behind too!

For me to still be active
Is great for the kids to see
And spending more fun moments with them
Is all that matters to me ❤️

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