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Why scooting to work works

The commute to work adds up to a big part of most adults week and time spent that's hard to get the most out of. Scooting to work is one of the best ways to get you feeling great and loving the journey. If your covering a short distance, a scooter is the perfect way to get there quick and enjoy the outdoors while you’re at it. If your commute is a bit longer, a scooter is the perfect solution to your last mile problem. Here's some more reasons why a scooter can make you commute better and why you should rediscover your commute with Micro.

Get to work fast on a Micro Scooter


Zip around the city in a clean green way and reduce your carbon footprint. Scooting is an environmentally friendly modern form of transport. Leave the car at home for longer trips with a group or a rainy day.

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Once you've got a scooter, quick trips will be free! Using a scooter will save you money on gas and parking. Not to mention you'll avoid sitting in traffic and hunting around for a car park.

Workout on a micro adult scooter


Scooting is a great low impact workout you can do daily. At an average pace it burns 300 calories an hour, more than cycling. It's great incidental excercise that will tone your muscles and keep you fit. 



Get to work fast on a Micro Scooter

Scooting to appointments and meetings adds time back into your day. It only takes the average person 6 minutes to scoot a 20 minute walk. You can get further on your lunch break, eat at new places and explore more of the city.

Portable transportation with a micro scooter

You can take your scooter anywhere worry free. Scooters are compact, foldable, easily carried and stored. You'll have no trouble taking a scooter on public transport and keeping it safe at the office.

Enjoy your commute with an adult scooter

It's not just practical but a lot of fun. Enjoy your journey. Scooting let's you de-stress in the fresh air and leaves you feeling great after a burst of activity. Remember there is no age limit on scooting, it's for everyone!

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Scooters for your office

Top Commuter Scooters


Electric scooters are the future of urban mobility. We're turning towards to space saving, sustainable and practical ways of travel, with more people based in inner cities and the increasing importance of being environmentally conscious. We want something that's fast, easy and will allow us to leave the car at home, and electric scooters are perfect way to go.

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Micro scooters are a great way to commute





Scooting to work makes life easier

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