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• Lightweight electric scooter
• In built suspension for max comfort
• Quick & easy kick-to-fold

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The emicro Merlin is the super smooth electric scooter with full suspension and built in electronic display to show the rider the current battery level, speed and more. The emicro Merlin can reach speeds of 25km/h* with a range of up to 25km* for rider autonomy. With intuitive handling operated by a responsive thumb throttle and brake, the emicro Merlin ensures that journeys can be made safely and effortlessly.

Comparatively lightweight and compact the emicro Merlin can be easily carried, stored at the office or tucked away on public transport. The foot engaged folding mechanism enables you to quickly release and lower the scooter with ease and control.

The 11kg electric scooter has an outstanding performance ability through the combination of dual suspension and large 200mm wide rubber tyres which provide extra grip and absorption of impact/vibration. The cruise control function makes the longer distances easy and not to mention comfortable to travel at a steady speed.

Be seen and safe with the intelligent, integrated light which automatically switches on when riding in the dark. The new emicro Merlin embodies the utmost in electric functionality and design built with the latest technology and comfort at the core.

* this is dependent on the weight of the rider, speed setting selected and the terrain ridden on


emicro Merlin

Age range 


Key Features

Outstanding ease & comfort



Top Speed



Comfort rating 5 out of 5


Comfort 3 out of 5




LG Cells


3 hours

Twist Throttle



Thumb & Rear

Regenerative Breaking


Rear Light 






Wheel Size


Weight Tested





2 year hardware / 1 year battery


* Dependent on weight of rider, selected speed/power setting and terrain
** 250watt nominal / 500watt max power
*** Performance & wear may differ for riders over 100kg


emicro fast charging Fast Charging

The battery on the emicro Merlin will be fully recharged after 3 hours.

Thumb Throttle/Brake 

Accelerate or brake by pushing the highly responsive thumb paddles to accelerate or brake.

twist throttle for acceleration and braking Cruise Control

Activate cruise control before your journey to make your ride that little bit easier.

Intelligent rear light Rear light

Intelligent rear light with integrated brake light. With an additional detachable front light.

Lightweight Weight

The emicro Merlin weighs 11kg making it lightweight and compact and easily held. 

Foldable scooter Foldable

Easy foot engaged folding mechanism, makes it perfect for urban travel and commuting.

3 speed settings 4 Ride Programmes

Choose from Pedestrian, Eco, Standard, Sport and Active modes. Each mode has a different max speed and max power the motor uses.

Braking Regenerative braking

As well as physical braking the emicro Merlin uses regenerative braking. This assists in charging the battery when you brake and creates shorter braking distances.

Customised settings Customise Tap Speed Settings

Using the thumb throttle you can change between 4 pre-programmed speed settings 

Motor Hub Integrated Motor Hub

The Swiss designed motor is located inside the back wheel. It's high rotation speed lets the motor produce an enormous 500 watts.

Dual wheel Dual Core Wheel

A combination of dual suspension and 200mm wide rubber tyres for extra grip, absorption of impact and vibration.

Auto on off On/Off

Easily power on/off the scooter with a button on the display unit.

display Electriconic Display

When powered on the scooters electronic displays provides the rider with information about the battery level, speed, distance travelled and outside temperature.

Free delivery

Free delivery

Swiss design

Swiss Design

Spare parts

Replacement parts available





Q: Can you take the emicro Merlin on board an aeroplane?

A: The battery capacity of the emicro Merlin is larger than the maximum Lithium Ion battery size that most airlines will accept.  However always check with your chosen airline beforehand as they may have their own regulations and restrictions.

Q: Are children also allowed to ride it?

A: No, the emicro Merlin electric scooter is not a toy. It is an electrical vehicle and is not suitable for children.  We recommend a minimum age of 18 years.

Q: What does the electronic display show?

A: The display shows the rider the current battery level, speed, distance travelled and the outside temperature.

Q: What do the numbers on the top of the electronic display represent?

A: These indicate the speed levels. As your speed build you will note the numbers go up from 1, 2 and 3. They are in a sense like the gears in a car - they automatically change as your speed and power output increases.

Q: How does the e-micro Merlin scooter work?

A: Before you turn the scooter on you can determine which speed mode you would like to select. Simply hold down the brake thumb paddle, turn on the scooter then press the accelerator paddle either once (Pedestrian), twice (Eco), three times (Standard) or four times (Sport) to confirm your selection. Each mode offers a maximum top speed and power output which will affect the battery usage. Once selected simply kick off with one foot, press down on the accelerator and away you go.

Q: Can you also go uphill?

A: As well as use on flat terrain, the emicro Merlin has a built in sport mode purposely designed for hills. It provides the maximum power output to get you up hills you may encounter.

Q: How is the emicro Merlin delivered?

A: Due to carrier restrictions the emicro Merlin is




emicro electric scooters are delivered via StarTrack Road Express

Please note electric scooters cannot be delivered by air express services.

Estimated delivery times (business days) after day of dispatch
Melbourne: 2-3 days
Sydney: 2-5 days
Brisbane: 3-6 days
Perth: 4-8 days
Adelaide: 2-4 days
Canberra: 2-4 days
Tasmania: 3-5 days
Darwin: 3-7 days
Outlying areas may take a day or two longer.

  • Delivery is usually between 9am & 5pm on Weekdays
  • Packages are wrapped in plain packaging so contents cannot be seen
  • If you are sending to a business address please provide business name
  • All products are in stock, unless otherwise stated next to the item
  • StarTrack will not accept any 'Authority to Leave' requests. If you're not home they will leave a card.



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