Red Light Green Light Scooter Race

Kids scooter races at the playground

How to play?

  • Choose a person to be the traffic light who will stand at a spot in the distance.
  • The scooterers will line up at the decided starting point.
  • The game starts when the traffic light turns their back and yells out “Green Light”.
  • Scooterers can make their way towards the traffic light until they yell “Red Light” and all the scooterers must stop and freeze.
  • If the traffic light turns around and spots anyone moving they have to go back to the starting line.
  • The first person to get to the traffic lights wins!
  • The winner can be the next traffic light or nominate someone else.

Green Scooters

Red Scooters

Join in

Share your scooting adventures and send us your traffic light race pics for our gallery

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