Weta Workshop's adult scooter fleet

Read our Q&A with Weta Workshop about their fleet of Micro Black adult scooters, affectionately named 'Weta Wheels':

Why did you get the fleet?

Weta Workshop is split over several buildings on the Miramar Peninsula. The Workshop itself is the main hub, on Weka Street, where we run our Weta Cave tour. 5-10 minutes’ walk down Park Road lies another, larger, tour space, and with our Thunderbirds Are Go Behind-the-Scenes Experience starting up in late 2015, this took our total number of tour spaces to three. That meant the tour crew were needing to ferry themselves between three separate buildings on a daily basis.

Add in the often unpredictable Wellington weather to the mix – which even in summer can oscillate between gale force winds, pouring rain, and blazing hot sun – and Weta Workshop Co-founder Tania Rodger rightfully felt that there was a more efficient, and more enjoyable, way for our hard-working tour guides to get from space to space with ease.

What are you using the fleet for?

Our Weta Wheels are primarily used by our Tourism department, especially our tour guides, as they usually have the most short-distance travelling to do. The tour guides use the scooters to get between our three tour spaces, which are often booked out with back-to-back tours. You will also find our Tourism Operations Manager taking one out for a spin, as well as our Warehouse crew (who work out of Weta Workshop’s warehouse on Park Road), retail crew and other crew for various miscellaneous meetings, errands and activities.

So how much are you using the fleet, and are you enjoying using them?

Our tour guides use the Weta Wheels every day to varying degrees. Often the entire fleet will be in use, especially in the high season. Our tour crew, who are a mix of different ages, sizes, heights and genders, reckon the scooters are super easy to use regardless of ‘skill’ level.  They’re finding it a breeze to get to their next tour or transport something from one building to another. On a personal level they are just having a blast riding them. It doesn’t really feel like work when you get to ride a scooter, even though it’s all part of the job now!

What’s changed from having your scooters?

The main thing that has changed is the overall satisfaction of the tour guide crew. Since the scooters take the effort out of moving between spaces, and help to ensure that they arrive to their destination on time, our tour guides now have more time to spend on preparation and can start their tours on a high note. That, in turn, makes for a more enjoyable experience for the tour-goers, too. More broadly speaking, as a department it’s nice to know that we can hop on a scooter to run an errand without jumping into a car or wasting time on a long walk
up the road.

One unintended positive consequence is that the public love to see our crew riding around on the scooters when they’re queuing outside the Weta Cave. So the scooters are bringing a little smile to the faces of the public as well.

Overall, our little fleet of micro scooters impart a general feel-good experience, which has flow-on effects for the rest of the business.

How do they fit into Weta’s future sustainability vision?

With upwards of several hundred crew members, we at Weta Workshop are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and with such a large team, we know that every little bit helps. Our Weta Wheels fit into that ‘green’ vision and go a little way to making sure we’re not just talking the talk, but walking the walk (so to speak).

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