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Girl with her Micro Scooter Doodle Spot accessories

Say hello to the new Micro Accessories! In fun exciting patterns, both the colourful Doodlespot and Rocket ranges are set to be the ultimate new accessories for Micro Scooters. The best addition for preschoolers and school kids to individualise their scooters, make them standout and ensure safety with style. 

The new accessories include bottle holders, lunch bags and helmets in both the Doodlespot and Rocket patterns. Our bottle holders ensure that kids drink bottles are always within arm’s reach - as we know scooting can be thirsty work! The funky new lunch bags attach to the front of the scooter so kids can easily scoot with all their essentials with them.  Our helmets are designed with care so both you and your child can have peace of mind whilst they are scooting. The new accessories not only look great but will keep the kids refreshed, re-energised and safe whilst scooting!

These patterns will be a crowd winner the school gate.


Hello Doodle Spot new Micro Scooter accessories

New doodle spot backpack for Micro Scooters

New Micro Scooter doodle spot accessories bottle holder

New Micro Scooter Doodle Spot patterned helmet

New Micro Scooter Rocket Accessories

New rocket Micro Scooter accessories

Micro Scooter Rocket patterned helmet

New Micro Scooter rocket patterned accessories

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