Nature Scoot & Tresure Hunt

Kids adventure on Micro Scooters

Scooter Nature Hunt

Head off to you local garden, park or woods on your Micro scooters with friends and family

What to bring?

  • Empty plastic containers to store your treasures.
  • A magnifying glass if you have one
  • A picnic for lunch
  • Your Scooters

What to do?

  • Scooter around the park and search for natures treasures.  This can be bugs, insects, flowers or buried treasure!
  • Poke holes in the container lids to give your living treasures some fresh air. You can even put food in the container for them.
  • Have a competition to see who can find the prettiest and most revolting thing!

Have fun finding what nature has to offer and don't be scared to get your hands a bit dirty.. but remember to wash them before the picnic.

If you find enough snails you can make a snail farm when you get home. Once they have settled in you can have a snail races!

Easter Treasure Hunt for kids with Micro Scooters

Scooter Treasure Hunt

Make a scooting treasure hunt for your friends and family. You can do this in your garden, at your local park or school playground.

What to bring?

  • The treasure - this can be lollies, small presents or anything you've made yourself
  • Paper and pens to write the clues
  • Your scooters

What to do?

  • Hide the treasure in the place of your choice 
  • Write clues leading them around a scootable place from clue to clue with the last one taking them to the treasure!
  • Your clues could be directions or riddles to find the next clue
  • You can even draw a map for them to follow with X marking the treasure



Join in

Share what you find on your nature scoot adventure and remember to send us pictures for our gallery

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