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10 Reasons to Scoot as a Family this summer

  1. Keep the whole family outdoors and active
  2. A fun way to travel that keeps the kids going
  3. The whole family can join in and enjoy scooting
  4. Speed - it gets the family from a-b fast
  5. Adds quality family time into the day
  6. Mum and dad can keep up with the kids
  7. The kids will love that everyone is scooting together
  8. It's free and great for short trips. No battling for a car park
  9. Scooters are compact, easily stored in the family car or on public transport
  10. Others will think your family's super cool

Best places to scoot in australia interactive map

If it's a nice day outdoors, there's nothing better than getting out there and making the most of it. So with the help of many Micro scooter fans we've developed a map showing Australian's favourite spots to scoot. Check it out and go on an adventure somewhere new. If you've got a favourite spot that's not on there, let us know and we'll get it added :)

Check out these awesome scooting activities that will keep the kids entertained and having fun all summer long. They're great kid's activities for at home and at your local park or playground. These fun games can be played at parties or just with the family. Mum and Dad can join in too if they're game. 

If it's a rainy day it's the perfect time to teach the kids how to keep their scooter in tip top condition. You could help them decorate their scooter making it as creative as they can. Take some funny photos, send them through to us and they could be our star of the week!

Make a video or film their adventure
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Micro scooters kids activities wacky races

Kids dress up on Micro scooters

Adventurous kids activities

Red light green light scooter race great kids activity

Scoot for the flag fun kids activity

Scooting ideas fun kids activities

Join in
Share your scooting adventures and send us photos of the kids doing these fun scooting activities.

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