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The Micro Scooter Aid project provides refurbed Micro scooters to charities, hospitals and other good causes in Australia for the children in their care. 

The idea is to help in the best way we can, by giving refurbed Micro scooters to kids who:

  • could do with a good dose of fun and happiness
  • don't have many things of their own
  • need help to work on balance and co-ordination issues

It's a project close to the hearts of the Micro team and we're very happy that we've been able to make it happen.

We've got scooters to give, you tell us who needs them.

Nominate your favourite good cause and each month we'll choose one and give them scooters. Just like that :)

Melbourne City Mission
The children in our Whittlesea group were very excited to try out the new Micro Scooters. The donation of Micro Scooters is a wonderful addition to our limited resources as we continue to establish our new site based in Whittlesea. This is a new program for 2017 to support families living in this area, who have previously had limited access to location-based community supports.

Melbourne City Mission works with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society. From children living with a disability, or young people with nowhere to call home, to people who need assistance into education or employment, Melbourne City Mission helps people find their own path to independence, providing them with the support they need. Established in 1854, originally by the Churches of Melbourne, the Melbourne City Mission has grown to become a contemporary, non-denominational, community services organisation, recognised for their leadership, diversity, innovation and inclusive approach.

Kids with their new Micro Scooter donations

"Micro Scooters have been awesome in supporting us with the gift of these scooters and we hope other community based projects can also benefit from their generosity."
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