Kids Helmets

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    4 products

    A kids helmet is an essential piece of kit for children who ride scooters & bikes. Micro has a great range of scooter and bike approved helmets that are Australian Standard Certified AS/NZS 2008:2063+A1:2009.

    Ensure your child stays safe on their way to school or off on an adventure. With awesome colours and fun patterns, a Micro kids helmet makes it fun for your child to wear every time.

    We always recommend that children wear a helmet for extra safety. Ours have adjustable straps and extra padding to ensure you get the best fit. Speaking of fit, almost as important as wearing a helmet is wearing it correctly - to ensure ultimate safety for small heads. It's simple, and important to get right.

    Kids helmet fit guide

    Step 1

    Turn the dial at the back of neck until the helmet fits snugly. You child should be able to wobble their head side-to-side without the helmet falling off.

    Step 2

    The strap should form a 'V' just under their ears.

    Step 3

    The front edge of their helmet should be two finger widths above eyebrows.

    Step 4

    When their mouth is closed you should be able to fit one finger between their chin and the strap.

    How to get kids to wear a helmet

    The best advice ever from over 300 Mums (and a few Dads). Whatever your parenting style you'll find the answer here.