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    Baby helmets

    Introducing micro-sized baby bike helmets, specially designed for tiny adventurers embarking on their first taste of independence.

    Kids helmet fit guide

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    Oh my word, yes!

    Micro kids helmets are AU/NZ Standard Certified AS/NZS 2008:2063+A1:2009. There is a certification sticker on the inside of the helmet and on the helmet packaging.

    Micro helmets are made for baby, toddler and school age kids.

    We don't put ages on our helmets only because kids head size can vary so greatly. We recommend measuring your child's head first in order to determine the most suitable size.

    • XS: 46-50cm
    • S: 48-53cm
    • M: 52-56cm

    How to measure your head
    Place the tape measure across the forehead and measure the full circumference of the head in cms.

    How to get kids to wear a helmet

    The best advice ever from over 300 Mums (and a few Dads). Whatever your parenting style you'll find the answer here.

    How to fit your child's helmet

    Step 1

    Turn the dial at the back of neck until the helmet fits snugly. You child should be able to wobble their head side-to-side without the helmet falling off.

    Step 2

    The strap should form a 'V' just under their ears.

    Step 3

    The front edge of their helmet should be two finger widths above eyebrows.

    Step 4

    When their mouth is closed you should be able to fit one finger between their chin and the strap.