The best Christmas gifts for kids and adults

Find Christmas scooter gifts for toddlers and preschoolersFind Christmas scooter gifts for preschoolers

Kids scooters make the best Christmas giftFun gifts from Micro Scooters for kids

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Scooters and scooter accessories make a fantastic gift for Christmas. A gift that will help your toddler or preschooler develop balance and co-ordination skills. Giving them confidence and the thrill of new found independence. Micro scooters are designed in Switzerland, made with top quality materials and rigourously tested so they really go the distance, making them excellent value for money.

Buy a scooter for a school aged child for Christmas and you'll keep them active all year round. They can spend the school holidays off exploring on their scooter then scoot to and from school everyday.

Adult scooters are a great gift for parents for Christmas too and anyone wanting to stay fit and improve their commute. For parents it's all about being an awesome healthy role model for the kids and having fantastic quality time together. It's a bonus that a scooter will get you to work faster - so you can leave home later. Save money on parking, fuel and fares, and get your daily quota of exercise in without even thinking about it. The perfect way to start the new year.

Need help deciding which scooter to buy?

We've put together a series of buying guides to help you decide. For a school aged child we are often asked whether you should buy a 2 or 3 wheel scooter. The first question we'll ask is whether they are planning to do tricks at the skate park. Then it's all down to their confidence, balance skills, and very importantly, which they've got their heart set on. Our buying guide will point you in the right direction leaving just one question; which colour?

Buying Guide: 2 or 3 Wheeled Scooter?

If you're wondering whether to buy a balance bike or scooter for your preschooler you'll want to know what the big differences are, so we've created a clear and simple guide. A balance bike will set your child up for riding a bicycle - saving them from many spills, and saving you loads of time teaching them. Most kids who ride a balance bike never need training wheels to master a bicycle. A Mini Micro scooter improves their balance and co-ordination skills, is super easy to ride and the three wheels make it very stable. It's an essential piece of kit for any fun loving child.

Buying Guide: Balance Bike or Scooter?

Our adult scooter guide will help you work out what is the most important thing you need in a scooter - it may be that it's fast, or you may need it to be compact or perhaps comfort is the thing you look for the most. Whether the scooter will be used for commuting to work, doing the school run, having fun in the park or all three combined, all the information you need to make your decision is in the guide.

Buying Guide: Adult Scooter Guide

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