Micro Scooter Gallery

Micro Memories

Here's a gallery of memories made with Micro Scooters. We've been sent photos from people all around Australia of moments with their Micros. We love to see people having fun, going on adventure and getting friends and family together with their scooters. See the latest at Micro Scooters Australia including product launches and our favourite competition entries too.

Send us your photos, videos and stories for us to add to the gallery. Whether it's of the kids scooting activities at the park, decorating or dressing up with their scooter, a new scooter trick or the family on an adventure, we'd love to see them.

To share the love with our Micro community we have a Micro Star of the Week on our Facebook page. They're some of our favourite photos we've received from you. We also have Micro Mums who have shared their scooting stories and why they love to scoot with their families and on their commute. If you or the kids want to become one of our Micro Mum or Stars of the Week, simply send us a photo and the story behind it :)

My Micro Memories Competition

We had some amazing entries in to the My Micro Memories competition celebrating our 10th Birthday and share memories made with Micro. One of the best things about Micro scooters is they last the distance and beyond. We love to see our scooters being loved by kids and passed down between siblings, and this is what some of our favourite entries showed.

kids with their micro scooters

"Our much loved green Mini Micro - from 2013 to now; always part of the action."

kids with their micro scooters

"We purchased our first micro just over 7 years ago for eldest son Bodie 1st birthday! It was then handed down to his little sister Mayah when our 3rd baby Lennox joined our family and we upgraded Bodie to the maxi and also purchased the kick seat for Mayah who was then 19 months at the time! Both scooters are used on a daily basis in our house from chasing the dogs up and down our driveway,school runs but most of all they get a good workout at our local netball courts at the end of our street! thank you for designing such an amazing product that's built to last."

kids with their micro scooters

"We gave Zev his first Micro when he turned 3...best thing ever. Places too far for little legs to walk are a breeze when scooting. He then got a bigger Micro when he turned 5, so Noah is now very quickly learning how to scoot on Zev's old scooter. These boys can go fast...Dad and Mum need one to keep up."

My Micro Christmas

We had some lovely entries to our #mymicroxmas competition. It was great to see all the joy and fun that micro scooters bought to everyone this Christmas. Here are some of our favourite photo entries; we can tell Santa did good this year.

Very happy with her mini micro scooter for Christmas

Boy with his new Mini2go deluxe for Christmas

Opening his mini micro for Christmas

Girls excitement with their new mini micro scooters

Brothers opening their xmas gifts

Family with their new micro scooters and accessories

Micro Deluxe Launch

We had a lovely time the Micro Deluxe Launch celebrating the release of the new range. It was a fun afternoon with the kids test driving the new range and meeting awesome Mums and Dads. Special thanks to Bobux Shoes and Antipodes Skin Care for their support.

Micro Scooters Staff Photo

Jess Bovey from New Mum Club and her son on Mini2go Deluxe

Jess Bovey from New Mum Club and her gorgeous son Baxter taking the mini2go deluxe for a spin.

Sarah Coles and Amber Vito with their sons on Mini Micro Deluxe scooters

Sarah Coles and Amber Vito with their boys testing out the new range.

Learning to scoot on the Mini Micro Deluxe

There were many magic moments with kids having their first try on a scooter. Here is Ansa teaching her little girl.

Jana from George Henry Clothing with her son Harrison

The lovely Jana from George Henry Clothing taking her son Harrison for a whizz.

Set up at the Micro Deluxe Launch Party NZ

Our customer service guru Sean setting up for the event.

Test driving the new Mini2Go deluxe

All smiles testing out the mini2go deluxe and being pushed along with the new parents handlebar.

Kids on the Mini Micro Deluxe

Thanks to Bobux for providing shoes from their Blaze range, the perfect kicks to go scooting in.

New shade of the Mini Micro Deluxe

The mini micro deluxe comes in awesome new vibrant colours and now has an adjustable handlebar.

Dragons on their Mini Micro Deluxe

Two little dragons testing out the mini micro deluxe.

Micro Stars

Kiwi family with their Micro Scooters

A gorgeous family and massive Micro fans. Knox is 2 yrs, loves his mini micro, his favourite move is the arabesque back leg! Kyus is 8 yrs, he loves his matte black Sprite, favourite move is the ramp jump. Kash is 7 yrs &raves about his blue Sprite, his favourite move is flying up the half pipe! Kree is 6 yrs and she loves her purple Sprite, she's our little cruiser, scooter-girl style!

Boys doing jumps on their scooters and balance bikes

Little daredevils Hugo and Sam certainly aren't afraid of gaining some air... with their helmets on of course! The brothers love to zoom along sidewalks and head to the skate park with their scooters and balance bikes, lucky boys.

Mum says they've only ever had Micro and wouldn't have it any other way :)

Neil Holdom, NZ mayor, on a scooter

New Mayor of New Plymouth, Neil Holdom, looking good and showing his commitment to sustainable travel and keeping fit by riding an adult scooter. The Mayor has already chosen an electric car as the Mayoral vehicle to encourage sustainable travel in the region. Now he's bumping up his green credentials by choosing a scooter for shorter journeys, and to have a bit of quality time scooting with his kids.

Commuter couple who use scooters to get to work

Elena and Tim moved to a cool inner city pad and needed something for commuting to work along Wellington's beautiful waterfront. They chose to scoot because it's quick and easy, safer than cycling in Wellington and a piece of cake to keep their scooters folded up under their desks :)

Eilya Micro Scooters Star

Despite face planting and knocking out a tooth from zooming into dad, Mum said it didn't stop this little speed demon from jumping straight back on her Mini Micro. Now that's dedicated love! Eliya's goodie bag has also been a huge hit, she likes to gather flowers and sticks at the park.

Toby scooter commuter

Toby came into Micro HQ looking for something to speed up his commute to university. He purchased the suspension scooter which is perfect for a tall guy like Toby on his longer commute and makes for a smooth ride.

Dad and son on Micro scooters

Nigel came into Micro HQ with his son Louie looking for a new scooter. They both ended up leaving with a new set of wheels, Speed+ and mX model. Leaving the shop on their scooters they headed off into the sunset. Nigel and Louie have regular Thursday scooting expeditions down to civic square - such a cool thing for a dad and son to do.

Scooting Super Heor

Scooting Super Hero Evie is taking on the world with her Mini Micro! Mum said "it's the best thing we've ever bought her". Love her scooting style with a scootersaurus helmet to let people know she's coming to save the day.

Josie new pink scooter girps

Josie revamped her much loved mini micro scooter with new grips. Her family has taken their scooters across the world travelling in Europe. Josie's mum said the scooters were a life saver on their travels, so great to keep the kids sightseeing all day. The kids were always having fun and there was no complaining when they are on them.

Keas at the Scooter Safety Programme

It was our great pleasure to help the Island Bay Keas with their Road Safety Kea badge. Here are Rosie and Fionn who walked away with a Micro Scooter Safety Certificate at the end of the session. Such an awesome bunch of kids who all demonstrated excellent listening skills and gave thoughtful and creative answers during our discussion on road safety.

ken commutes to work on a the Micro Pedal Flow

Ken came into Micro HQ looking for something to easily get him around town. He made a beeline for the Pedal Flow (our unique seat-free folding bike) and decided it was the thing for him. It’s perfect for zipping around the city and he loved that it can be folded and stored at work. He couldn’t wait to show the kids his one of a kind purchase and planned to have loads of fun testing it out together over the weekend.

Pippa loves to race around on her mini micro scooter

Pippa is the youngest of four girls and a bit of a speed demon, hence the devil tail she chose to accessorise her outfit. The Mini Micro bought for their first daughter has been used and loved by each one of the girls, Pippa included. In the 6 years their Mini Micro has had two new brakes, and one new back wheel. As Pippa's mum said, that is incredible value for money.

Micro Competition Entries

Family scoot in your Pjs

Ready for a safe scoot

3 Mini Micros

Schools out and speed scooter

Dad and daughters scooting

Sister scooting together on their pink scooters

Jungle themed kids scooter dress up

Family who scoots together

One big family with their Micro Scooters