Halloween, micro style

Halloween, micro style

It's Trick or Treating Time again!

Kids in their Halloween costumes and their Micro Scooters

Here at Micro HQ we are divided on the subject - some of us never trick or treated and view it as some sort of alien American cultural import. Their take on it; "we get told 364 days a year not to take candy from strangers, then one day a year we're told to go for it" mixed messages there...

But then some of us trick or treated every year as kids and have super fond memories of the excitement of the dress-up, the thrill of roaming the streets in costume, knocking on doors, filling up our goodie bags with candy and the odd apple (always a disappointment), then the inevitable downing of as much candy as possible and ensuing belly aches.

Kids with their Micro Scooters on Halloween GIF

Anyhooooooooo (sorry), we put our differences aside and agreed our Halloween Top 5 movies and songs for you:

Micro Top 5 Halloween Movies

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. Beetlejuice
  3. Monsters Inc
  4. Wallace & Gromit - Curse of the Were Rabbit

Micro Top 5 Halloween Songs

  1. The Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt Kickers
  2. Thriller - Michael Jackson
  3. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr
  4. Highway to Hell - ACDC
  5. Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast