15 School Holiday Ideas

15 School Holiday Ideas


Boy and a dinosaur having fun with their Micro ScootersThe school holidays are nearly here again, and once again we're thinking about how to fill up those days with fun, healthy activities. So here's our top 15 ideas, we hope you like them...

Show your Scooter a bit of love first...

Start the holidays by showing your scooters a bit of love, get the kids involved checking all the bolts, screws and clamps are nice and tight. It's great for them to learn how to look after their own scooter. Get them to give it a clean with a soft damp cloth to make it look like new, making sure it's dry before you put it away. Check out our maintenance page for more tips.

Revamp your Scooter

Customise your scooter with a new pair of grips and/or a new deck! Like a whole new scooter, an exciting way to start the holidays. Check our parts page here. 

Design a Fantasy Scooter

Get the kids to design their own Amazing Scooter! Get out the pens, glitter chop up magazines and create. Turbo blasters or covered in glitter and disco lights, there are no limits! Let their imagination go wild and send in to us to be featured in our Amazing Scooter Gallery.

Scooter Racing

My favourite, get down to the track with the kids and see who will win - Best of five races! Wear them out and get a nice little workout in.

Decorate your Scooter

Crepe paper tassles, soft toys, flowers, streamers - anything goes then a mini parade down the street or around the supermarket - guaranteed to turn heads.

Scooter Cricket World Cup

Set up a scooter wickets and have your own Scooter World Cup!

Scooting Club

Serious stuff; get the gang together and make scooter club badges, plan activities, build a fort/clubhouse and dress up and go on a secret scooting mission. Print out club badges here and a club manifesto here.

Themed Scooter Day Trip

We love this one; pick a theme for the day and collect pictures. For example, the theme is pink, on your day trip the kids spot pink things and take pictures. Create a gallery after of your day out.

Scooter Tag

What it says; get on your scooters and play tag!

Stop Watch Scooting aka Getting from A-B Faster

Kids love being timed doing things (except teeth cleaning!). While out and about pick a spot (not too far) in the distance and time them on your phones stop watch getting there. Let them guess how long they'll take.

Scooter Map

Print out a map and together map out your route, planning all the things you'll do and see on your adventure.

Scooter Fancy Dress

Think Lone Ranger and Silver, Batman and Bat-Mobile, Princess and Unicorn (not strictly text book, but an awesome combination). Dress up and role play the day away.

Check out the Skate Park

Did you know the lean-to-steer action on the Mini Micro and Maxi Micro teaches the same steering skills as used for skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding? Head down to your skate park and have some fun. If they are into learning some tricks get them a micro Trixx and they can really get started.

Create a Scooter Track

This one is for indoor or outdoors, make a scooter track and obstacle course and have fun mastering it.


After all that scooting they have definitely earned some computer or movie watching time, and you've earned some feet up, magazine, facebook, telephone, cup of tea, glass of wine, bubble bath time.

Getting the kids and you out of the house and doing a whole lot of fun, active stuff is the best way to have a boredom free holiday. And anything that has you all having fun together and getting fit at the same time has to be a great idea! Most importantly you need scooters, for them.... and for you:

Boys having holiday fun with a dinosaur and their Micro Scooters